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doctordolittle | 14:54 Sun 08th Feb 2015 | Crosswords
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Answers with their derivations would be appreciated

Measure piece of tile removed from lake (4) _E_T
Hearts practised to defend successfully (4) H _ _ _ is I think'hold'
Its sung about after concerns with government (4, 4) P_R _/S_ _ _
House poor Mark somewhere in London (8) D_E _ _ _ _ _ is I think 'dwelling' but I don't see why

Many thanks


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3 parts on G
Numbering the clues would make it easier to reply.

Measure - Mere, a lake. It's Metre/measure, with the 't' for tile removed.
Hearts ... Hold, defend successfully. It's just H, hearts and old, practised.
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In that case I have got one wrong:
10. Measure of experience say (4) _E_E
25. It's sung about concerns with government (4, 4) is now P_R_/S_N_
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I think that measure of experience say, is FEAT so MERE is wrong and this one stands as

2, Measure piece of tile removed from lake (4) _E_T
^ part song, answered above
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I'll but METE
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On G = on government, yes, but I don't understand the parts bit.
Part defined as concern in Chambers
Sorry to return to this, but I am not grasping:
2dn Measure piece of tile removed from lake
10ac Measure of experience say
Please can anyone explain the two answers, and how they parse, and mesh?
10. mete=an archaic measure
sounds like 'meet' which can mean to experience something.
2d measure=metre.
Remove the 't(tile)' to give 'mere' which is a lake.
THANK YOU, Elliemay1! I'm happy with 10ac. I still shake with trepidation at 2dn! I'd be much happier if the clue had said "Measure piece of tile removed FOR lake". However...
Jimbrock, if you read it as, 'Measure, piece of tile removed from, lake', it makes more sense.

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