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Charity Quiz Friday December 19Th 2014

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Vimto | 09:19 Fri 19th Dec 2014 | Crosswords
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My friends at the Answer Bank did so well the other day that I give you some more. Most of these questions are linked to cats but, I'm informed, not all of them. I've managed 91; these are the nine I am puzzled with.
(a) Historically, a children's science programme or road safety measures?(4,4)
(b) The little family cat? (8)
(c) Disney's terrible twins? (2,3,2)
(d) Musically who wants to be a cat?(9)
(e) Where do cats with thumbs come from? (10)
(f) An infamous alley cat? (6,7)
(g) On-line moggies?(7).
(h) Characters from Oz for this breed of cat? (9)
(i) The space is too tiny for this saying (2,4,2,5,1,3)


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Many thanks Bubbletub; I now have just (a), (b) and (i) left.
i - No room to swing a cat
A Cats Eyes
b - Snowbell? ( the cat in the film Stuart little)
B Snowbell
Question Author
Excellent response, thank you all. Just (b) left: Historically a children's science programme or road safety measures? (4,4).
Answered by magicmick above
Question Author
A wonderful response: many thanks to all, Vimto.

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Charity Quiz Friday December 19Th 2014

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