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Saga Crossword - December 2014

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flan | 14:23 Mon 24th Nov 2014 | Crosswords
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As 'Cullen', I have had the pleasure and the privilege of setting the monthly Saga Prize crossword for the last 17 and a bit years but this month's will be my last. Quite apart from the honour, it has been fun watching the questions and answers by Saga crossword aficionados on this blog. May I please say 'Well Done' to all of you! Unfortunately, the bean counters have been at work at Saga with the result that from January 2015 all the Saga puzzle pages will be moving across en bloc to the Puzzlermedia plc people. I'm sad, of course, but nothing is for ever. It appears that many of you have enjoyed my setting style down the years and I would also like to say a big 'thank you' for that too. I have no idea as to the future standard of the Saga crossword but if you find it to be another 'Times', 'Independent', 'Guardian' or even 'Telegraph' - all of which are rather below the sort of cryptic I had always sought to create - write to The Editor. The editor at Saga is Katy Bravery and she's very nice.

Thank you so much to all you solvers whose handles have become quite familiar from scanning the blog over recent years and I have to also say how impressed I have been with many sparkling answers.

Goodbye and Best Wishes!



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Hi Cullen
Sad news indeed. Although I don't take the magazine I have enjoyed tackling the few questions that appear on AB - always good testers.
Hopefully Saga will see the error of their ways if and when standards drop in the future, so don't let the grey cells go dormant.
Best of luck in the future.
Thanks for all the past SAGA crosswords, I thoroughly enjoy them! Good luck for the future and hope that you are back soon (once SAGA realise what they've lost)!
Thanks again.
How sad. I have enjoyed the mental joust with you for many years. Indeed, on two occasions I received a prize. I hope the standard you have set will be maintained, but sadly I think not. Every good wish for the future, and very many thanks for all the pleasure you have given.
Hi Cullen.
Like so many other people I always need help to get started but thoroughly enjoy trying to come up with the answers. Not always successful though. Good luck for the future. Four Clubs
As someone who does the crossword every month (well, tries to!) without much success I cannot believe how stupid Saga are being. The crossword is the highlight of the magazine for many readers. I feel a letter to the editor is coming on! Best of luck.
Hello Cullen

I just want to say a huge thank you to you and to let you know how much your contribution to Saga Magazine is missed.

Your Crossword has long been the highlight every month of my Saga Magazine. I have spent many happy hours solving your cleverly constructed clues and the pleasure I've felt on completion of your Crosswords cannot be measured. That they have 'let you go' is a mystery!

I wasn't anticipating that your high standard would be maintained but was expecting at least a half decent cryptic offering.

Therefore, I can't believe what an utter load of pathetic drivel the Saga Crossword for January 2015 has turned out to be! It took less than five minutes to complete and would not have proved much of a challenge to my 7 year old Grandson.

Shame on the 'powers that be' at Saga for printing such rubbish.

Question Author

Thanks for your message referring to the first Saga Prize crossword of the new era - when I saw it, I was as surprised as you. Thanks, furthermore, for your kind comments and those of many other past Saga solvers. Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy 2015.


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Saga Crossword - December 2014

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