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Dr Sat 2Nd Aug

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Pete3 | 19:05 Sun 03rd Aug 2014 | Crosswords
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Unsure of last one 100ac Has a tendency (to) (8) it's either inclines or inclined - any thoughts ? Thanks for any help


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go for inclines
I'd say inclined.
would it not be had if it was inclined
He has a tendency to .....

He is inclined to......
Two examples I used were:
Fred HAS a tendency to: keep buying beer. If Fred goes in the pub, he is inclined to buy beer.

When Fred HAD a drinking problem, he was inclined to buy too much beer.
Inclined it is then
Question Author
Reckon inclined wins - thanks for all your assistance.
if he stopped having the tendency he would have been inclined but as he still has the tendency .it the use of the is word that changes it then

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Dr Sat 2Nd Aug

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