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saladdodger | 15:00 Mon 05th Aug 2013 | Crosswords
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14a Pilot opposed to dimunition of navy (4) ?ORN


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No-RN - Norse ruler of destiny; pilot (one who guides, directs) (?)
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Thank you
I have a different answer, though I didn't have 'R' as the penultimate letter. so maybe you (or I) need to revisit 9 down.

The pilot referred to (in my version) might be something you could associate with guiding a submarine.
^Agreed, 14a is ?ONN.
Apologies, I don't have the crossword & went with what I could see, hence the '?' :-)
How does NN as opposed to RN relate to navy?
Conn - (pilot [a ship]) - 'con' (opposed to) + 'n(avy)'
Thanks L.I.K
so 9d I am attached to pagan deity - answer must be PANIM?? not LARIM?
yes, panim =" a heathen or pagan".
Hi roslyn - as I said, I've not seen the puzzle. Is that the full clue; how many letters in the answer?

'Panim' is an alt sp. for 'Paynim' (a heathen) (?)

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