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gullman | 08:17 Sat 06th Aug 2011 | Crosswords
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20d 9's heart lifted , I gathered, over 7's opener. (9 is Beethoven, 7 is Albion)
E?I??? EROICA would fit the clue but not my letters - the "I" came from 22a John breaking joints, back for vegetable - I have SPINACH for this
Anyhelp please?


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They both look correct!

HIPS (joints) CAN (john) < = spinach

EROC (heart) <lifted around I over A = Ero i c a
I agree -- and can only justify the entry as an Eroica variation.
Totally agree K, and assuming 24a is cache I can only assume that this is a mistake by the Guardian (a rare occurrence).
I also agree after spending two hours looking at the two clues (and nearly going cross eyed) I can't see that it can be anything else.
I'm having this problem too. Did you get SACK for 22 down? Bootcamp's first to cut benefit not entirely (4)
Yes sack and cache for the across clue.
20d is a Granuad FUBAR as the theme is clear the correct answer for the clue can only be EROICA hope this doesn't mean it is going to be SNAFU from now on
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Thanks for diverting me to this Kayakamina. Searched Guardian 25,394 (with comma), and nothing came up, so I opened a new thread. I really should have known that the Answerbank regulars would have been on this like a shot, and you were! I must get up earlier on Saturdays.
Yes, it looks wrong to me but I can't find any comments on the Guardian website about it at:

Does anyone have a link to the comments?
Having gotten into the same problem, I would very much like to be able to access the comments on the Guardian website. However, I can't find them from the link provided by Telescoper.

Would be grateful for further advice on how to do so.

Many thanks
Some discussion here. One poster suggests the answer is Erioca.
^Looks like a mistake to me, though.
Please, why CACHE for 24ac?
Sounds like cash.
If I had any, I'd put money on it being an error - what's 'Erioca'?..

I can't find a "Guardian crossword website", so can't help with a link to it - is it a subscription thing?
Ahh. I was thinking CA is State (CAlifornia) and the whole thing means reserve but I couldn't see CHE as money. Now I see State means Soundls like. Thanks.
* What's Erioca?

It seems it's nothing more than a fairly common misspelling of Eroica. If you Google 'Erioca' you get over 40000 hits
From the Grauniad website:

Special instructions: There is an error in the grid where the solutions to 22 across and 20 down intersect. Entries will be accepted which show either one of these solutions correctly.

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