What language does the word Husband come from please?

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Beatrice35 | 12:38 Tue 04th Nov 2008 | Word Origins
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Just wondered, as fascinated with the origin of words as well as love many different languages, where does the word Husband originate from, please? What language does Husband come from, too, please? In German it is Mann, in Spanish Marido, in French Mari, in Italian husband is Marito. So where does the word husband originate? Many thanks in advance:-)


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Nik315 - Many thanks- really enjoyed that link- fascinating!! Bless you! ;-) Beatrice
Hi Beatrice with the angel hugs (I like your invention.) Just adding to Nik315's reply, which included an interesting paragraph on origin and etymology:

We (in Sweden) still use the word husbonde sometimes, meaning a man who owns property and lives there, for instance on a farm. The word has an archaic ring to it because in older use it also denoted that the husbonde was in charge of and legally and politically a representative of all the other people on that [farm] - wife as well as farmhands - so when we use it today it's often with a twinkle in the eye. If you click for the English version of this article you land on the term master.

Hus in Swedish is = house; the word bonde (when it stands alone) has evolved into the word we use for a farmer today.
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Hej Swedeheart ;-)

Tack s� mycket :-)God middag
Really appreciated all that data- most kind of you! Would love to learn some Swedish words, too, please
V�lsigne dig - Bless You
Hej d�
Beatrice ;-)

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What language does the word Husband come from please?

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