Fatty and Skinney Jokes

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LaughingGirl | 21:15 Tue 17th Jun 2008 | Phrases & Sayings
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Does any one know any Fatty and Skinney Jokes


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Are those the old school yard rhymes?

"Fatty and Skinny were in the bed.
Fatty rolled over and Skinny was dead."
Here's a few courtesy of the internet:

fatty and skinny were in the garden
fatty blew off and skinny said pardon

Fatty and skinny fell out of a tree
fatty landed on top and broke skinny's knee

fatty and skinny sat down to dinner
fatty ate skinny's and now shes much thinner

fatty and skinny bought a cat
fatty sat on it and made skinny a hat

fatty and skinny went to the loo
fatty had a wee and skinny a poo

Fatty and skinny went to war
fatty killed skinny with an apple core.

Fatty and Skinny went to a dance,
Skinny got lost in Fatty's pants!

Fatty and Skinny went to the Zoo
Fatty got lost in the Elephants poo
Skinny went home to tell his mum
But all he got was a smack on the bum,
Question Author
Yep, there the one's, I will tell you a couple now.

Fatty and Skinney went down a dark hole, Fatty caught light to Skinney's arse hole, Skinney shop up in a terrible fright and said, gool blimey me arse holes alight.

Fatty and Skinney went out one day, Fatty blew off and Skinney blew away. ha ha

theres one about a lamp post, but I can't remember that, any more keep em coming.
Fatty and skinny were shaggin in bed......fatty sat on skinnys face and skinny was dead pmsl!
Fatty and Skinny had a race, halfway up the pillowcase,
Fatty said it wasn't fair, because he'd lost his teddy bear.
Really pathetic, that one! I remember it from junior school.
Question Author
I thought that was a good one, Never heard that one before. Ha Ha
Fatty and Skinny went up for a bath
Fatty blew off and made Skinny laugh

Fatty and Skinny went to bed
Fatty blew off and Skinny was dead

(from my primary school days in 50's)
I've never heard of any of these before but they are so funny!!!! i read them out to my family and we couldn't stop laughing!!!!!!
Question Author
I remember these from a kid, I used to love em, one of our friends who has passed away, he knew quite a lot of them, he used to reel them all off, I used to laugh, I just wished I had written them down, but you just don't think.
Thanks everybody for your reply's, any one got any more.
Fatty and Skinny had a race, all around the fireplace
Fatty said it wasn't fair, because he lost his underwear.

Nora Jones
Or was it, because he burnt his underwear?
Fatty and skinny in the shower,Fatty blew off and said I Got the Power
fatty and skinny were having a punt
the horse fell over and ripped skinnys trousers
Fatty and Skinny went to bed...
Fatty laid a fart, and Skinny was dead...
Fatty called the doctor--and the doctor said...
"One more fart and we'all be dead."
From the North of England - late 1950s. . .

"Fatty and Skinny went up in a balloon
Fatty let a fart off and blew Skinny doon!"

One of the best poetic versions. IMHO.
Fatty and Skinny went out on a raft
fatty blew off and made skinny laugh

Fatty and skinny were lying in bed
fatty blew off now skinny lay dead

Fatty and skinny were drinking some tea
fatty blew off which made skinny pee

Fatty and skinny were having a smoke
fatty blew off which made skinny choke

Fatty and skinny are masters of arts
but fatty is better he's a master of farts
Fatty and skinny were in the bath
Fatty blew off
And skinny laughed.
Fat and skinny went to war,
Fat got shot with an apple core.
Skinny went home to tell his mum,
And all he got was a kick up the bum.

Fat was in the toilet,
Skinny was in the bath.
Fat let off an Atom bomb,
Which made skinny laugh.
Fatty and skinny were making pastry
Fatty blew off and made it tasty

Fatty and skinny went up in a rocket
Fatty came down with a poo in his pocket

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Fatty and Skinney Jokes

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