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cameo roles?

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PinkFlower | 12:24 Sat 08th Jul 2006 | Phrases & Sayings
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y is it when somwone has a small role in a film that it is called a cameo role? anyone know?


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It is only a cameo role when the 'actor' is famous - it's not always an actor, but can be any famous person.

The part is not major enough for 'star billing' but the person is too well known to be an 'extra'.

A cameo, in general terms, is a gem or other ornament which shows a head or bust in one colour in profile against a background of a different so that the head stands out. The word came to be applied to a small acting r�le which stands out from the other lesser parts in the drama. That is why it generally refers to a 'tiny' part played by a 'great' actor.
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thankyou quizmonster!! just came up in a discussion n i thought...thats wat AB is 4!
ooo sorry, thought this was a question about me!!!!
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cameo roles?

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