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China Doll | 19:52 Mon 25th Jun 2012 | Phrases & Sayings
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I seem to recall in my feeble little brain watching or listening to Eddie Izzard speaking to someone in English who was answering back in their language but Eddie was able to understand what they were saying. I'd love to know what language this was.

Does anyone know a) if I've actually seen/heard this and it's not just all in my head? and b) what the language was if I've not imagined it?

Ta Muchly :c)


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Tried googling for an answer but it seems that mr Izzard speaks a few language so there were tons of hits. Then I got bored - sorry.
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Thanks for trying Wolf!

Are you related to Woodelf?
That would have been Frisian:
(I also vaguely remember seeing the programme some time ago...)
It was a programme called Mongrel nation. I think this might be what you want
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Thank you, thank you, thank you mike and ratty.... I want to mark you both as best answer but I can't so will just say thank you again! I will be looking at both of those links properly at home tonight :c) Brilliant, thank you!

(As you can probably tell, this has been bugging me for some time).

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Eddie Izzard - Languages

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