Deoch an' Doris

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CatzHarrigan | 21:08 Mon 16th May 2005 | Phrases & Sayings
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Can anyone tell me what a wee deoch and doris is?


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It is a final drink before leaving, or as you might say "One for the road" (as long as someone else is doing the driving).
Perhaps I should add that Deoch an Doris is Gaelic meaning "a drink at the door".  The letter d has been added by non-Gaelic speaking sassanachs.
The Gaelic is deoch-an-doruis meaning a stirrup cup or a farewell drink.
Sorry TCL, Ahm frae Fife an we dinnae hae the Gallic doon here.  I bow to your Aberdonian superiority.
gen2 Ah dinna spik it masel, ken. According to a report in Parliament a couple of years ago, 3% of Corby folk speak Gaelic which is impressive. I've often thought about leaning it. 
I've often thought about learning to type......
Personally, I prefer to hear drinking companions suggest a 'clochan dichter'. That's the drink before the drink for the road!
Brilliant, Quizmonster!  How about a double Scotch!!  :o)
Provided it's a single malt, J, I'm your man. Cheers
It is a Scottish phrase which refers to the night-cap, or last drink together of the night. Famously used in Sir Harry Lauder's song "Just a wee deoch and doris."

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Deoch an' Doris

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