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heathfield | 19:32 Thu 16th Dec 2010 | Jokes
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A visitor to Hong Kong was browsing in a small back-street antique shop, when he spotted a rare dish and picked it up, saying to the shop owner 'This is rather nice!'

'Ah yes,' replied the owner. 'You can see. I got Ming!'

The visitor pointed to an ornate vase. 'How about that?' he asked.

'Ah yes,' answered the owner. 'You can see. I got Tang!'

The visitor next examined a small delicate bowl. 'Wait a minute!' he exclaimed, 'This has ''Made in Birmingham'' stamped on the bottom!'

'Ah yes' said the shopkeeper. 'You can see. I got stung!'


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C'mon heathfield, you can do better than that!
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Just thought I'd keep that one in circulation before it disappears in the mists of time, Wildwood. On reflection, the latter might not be a bad thing! ;-)

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