Pinched from a birthday card

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denis567 | 22:52 Sun 24th Oct 2010 | Jokes
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I saw this joke on a birthday card and couldn't resist posting it on here.
School teacher asks class of 7 year olds if they can give a sentence containing the word 'contagious'.
Little Mary says, ' My brother has measles and mummy says it is contagious'
Very good says the teacher.
Johnny says, ' If you have something that is contagious it means that someone else can catch if off you'.
Very, very good says the teacher.
Seamus stands up and says, ' My dad says the chap next door is using a 2" paintbrush to paint his house and it will take the contagious'


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Lol ;-)

Now why does that joke remind me of what we Suffolk people say about those north of the county border? We're always pleased to say how good they are. Indeed, the phrase "Norfolk'n'good" is frequently used to describe them ;-)
Two young men had purchased and refurbished a local shop, and were having a tea-break, when one said "I bet you a pound an old age pensioner will look in the window
in the next ten minutes and ask what we`re selling" Sure enough within minutes an OAP
pressed his nose against the window and asked the question "What are you selling" ......
"assholes" replied one of the young men. Quick as a flash the OAP replied "I see you are doing well then.....only two left"

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Pinched from a birthday card

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