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King 'n' Queen

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JackDanielsU | 23:05 Sat 28th Apr 2012 | Jokes
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In a kingdon far far away in times of yore, a king was ready to go on a visit to a neighbouring kingdom.

He was troubled though as he was going alone, and leaving behind his gorgeous Queen, and he knew that as she was so beautiful all the men in the kingdom fancied her.

Relaying his troubles to the royal wizard, they came up with a version of a chasity belt with a nasty surprise built in. a pair of jaws designed to snap shut if anything is inserted in.

So the King sets off to visit the other realm, and returns a few weeks later.

He calls in his knights, and gets them to drop their trousers..He goes along the line, and sees to his dismay that each man is missing his todger..they each tearfully confess they were bewitched by the Queens beauty, and couldnt help themselves.

He gets to the last man, and sees that to his delight this man is still fully endowed.

"Thank you, good knight, as you are the only man not to have tried to have your wicked way with my wife, I grant you any reward - What shall you have"

Unfortunately this knight was speechless....


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He obviously was a 'cunning linguist' ; )
23:07 Sat 28th Apr 2012
He obviously was a 'cunning linguist' ; )
tee-hee very funny. Everyone is in top form tonight.
Wasn't expecting that, very good.
I see that this joke is very tongue in cheek!

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King 'n' Queen

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