Putting the 'mental' into Fundamental?

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birdie1971 | 02:24 Mon 10th Jan 2011 | News
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It seems that the Taliban have some competition. There appears to be another fundamentalist Islamic regime vying for the 'Most Intolerant Society” award. The Taliban are going to have to 'up' their game methinks.


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The al-Shabab administration said those who disobeyed the new rules would be punished according to Sharia law.

Do you think that will be equal for both men and women???
Question Author
I wonder how the al-Shabab chaps (and they are all 'chaps') see the future panning out in a society that effectively outlaws casual social contact between the sexes? How on earth are people of the opposite sex meant to meet and form bonds if there are laws in place preventing them from engaging in...

Oh, hang on. I'm trying to understand fundamentalist claptrap by applying logical reasoning. Silly me.
Can't really see them catching on over here to be honest.
Birdie...the woman will 'have' to marry the man her 'relation' picked.

It's so so sad. The thought of not being able to argue back (debate) to put your point across, to openly say how you feel, to know that the man you love will dismiss (in his head) every moody thing you said while suffering from PMT, to be yourself and not be inferior to your boy child....

Who wants a partner that is NOT allowed to answer back?
Question Author
^^^ “Who wants a partner that is NOT allowed to answer back?”

A misogynist perhaps?
You've said it all in the question birdie.
Does it not say in the koran that men and women are born equal?
this is a rule for all men and women in one small town in somalia. whats the question ?
/// this is a rule for all men and women in one small town in somalia. whats the question ?///

Could it happen in Bradford?
I would say No as well...
The 'mental' is already in 'fundamental'. Madmen all!
to get to mental, you have to take da fun out of it.
Ankou & ummmm

Too simplistic answer, please provide definite proof.

What is there to stop it?
to stop what ?

Do I have to spell it out to you?

To stop a Muslim fundamentalist group taking control over a town in England.
thats a different question.
Steady with the aggressive questioning, AOG.............
If a politician supports the right to an abortion in the USA they also attract the attention of fundamentalist nutters.
aog, we have statute determining what is and what is not permitted in public at a national level. public displays of attention (pda's) are generally permitted, whilst indecent exposure isn't. sexual offences act 2003.

the matter for the level of acceptability of pda is dependent upon location and social determination. for example, two men holding hands and snogging iin public is perfectly acceptable, but standing in a bus queue and fiddling with your birds fanjita isn't. indecent exposure actualy does not outlaw people to walk around in the nuddy. it is only really when exposure is agressive or for offensive shock (as in the stereotypical old man in a raincoat) that it is.

i'll leave you to consider all the scenarios in your own inner turmoil. ofcourse they might think it and say it, but hopefully this would help explain why such a law is unlikely to be pased by or recognised by some splitter group.

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Putting the 'mental' into Fundamental?

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