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Sqad | 11:27 Mon 22nd Nov 2010 | News
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I need a little information here.

7% of UK´s exports go to Ireland.his is greater than our exports to Russia, India, China and Brazil combined, so if we assume that these amount to 6%, then the total UK exports yo these aforementioned countries is 13%, then to where do we export the remaining 87%?


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11:30 Mon 22nd Nov 2010
The other 190+ countries I assume.
Question Author
squarebear....LOL......I asked for that.
May be of interest:

and the full article with table:

US, Germany, France and the Netherlands come top.

Spare Ed
EU countries and the US, mostly.
oh, and note the high volume of trade in OAPs with Spain.
Question Author
dotty/ Ed.....that is very helpful.
Question Author
Your question and the answers are that more than 50% of our trade is done with Europe should dispel those who hate us having anything to do with Europe. They are our bread and butter!
Bet US and rest of EU makes up 70%
This is probably not goint to cost us anything

We will borrow the money and lend it to Ireland at an interest rate that covers our costs.

It was noted on the Radio today that the Irish banks owe money to the British banks I think we can see the sudden desire to lend money to Dublin is more than just a sudden rush of charity at number 11 Downing Street
Year to date (Jan - Sep)

US 27 bln sterling
Germany 21 bln
Neths 15
France 15
Ireland 12
Belgium 9
Spain 7
Italy 6
China 5
Sweden 4
Switzerland 4
Japan, India, Canada, HK and UAE 3

Total 175 bln
Source was HMs Reve and Customs - so effectively legal exports
and the last Japan etc should have read 3 bln each

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