BBC TV Lcence staff get complaints guidance manual

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RebelSouls | 20:10 Mon 01st Nov 2010 | News
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The manual states that customers who use the words "idiots", "shambles" or "useless" are likely to be making a complaint.

Other indications that a viewer may be unhappy include use of capital letters or the phrases, "When will you people listen?", "Who do you think you are?" and "Sort yourselves out!"

The document also reveals quirks in the rules about who needs a licence - the Queen, prisoners and diplomats do not, but all other Royals and prison officers who live in the grounds of a jail do.

The 964-page official handbook, which was released following a Freedom of Information request, sets out in detail how the fee should be administered.

A large section is dedicated to dealing with complaints, including prepared answers to regular objections about the BBC's "offensive" programmes and the aggressive tone of licence fee warning letters that could "shock" elderly people.

Staff are advised to look out for particular "keywords" suggesting a customer is protesting about some aspect of the £145.50-a-year fee.

These include: "compensation", "complaint", "disgraceful", "disgusted", "incompetent", "appalling", "furious", "intimidation", "mistakes", "harassment", "rude", "threatening", "outrageous", "upsetting", "unacceptable" and swear words.

If someone was shouting or swearing at you i would have thought it was obvious that the person was upset or annoyed. The BBC TV licence scum seem to need a manual and help in how to spot these people.


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The manual is likely for foreign staff employed to do the dirty work.

as explained in my last post, Broadcasting and the BBC are more akin to other aspects of life than petrol and supermarkets.

You support Museums and Parks without any choice.

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BBC TV Lcence staff get complaints guidance manual

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