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Are The Recently Announced Child Benefit Cuts Fair?

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AB Editor | 10:18 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | News
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Individuals earning more than £44,000 will no longer gain child benefit, whereas a family with earnings of anything up to around £80,000 will still be in receipt of Child Benefit, is this a fair cut?

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Are the recently announced child benefit cuts fair?

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  • 65%
  • Fair - 17 votes
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>This is any country not just eastern europe, and it is tit for tat - if I went and
>worked there and claimed child benefit then I could send the money home.

Yes but how many people from the UK go and work in Poland or other Eastern European countries?.

And how many people come here from Poland and claim child benefit, but when they go home "forget" to tell anyone, so continue to get OUR child benefit AND get Polands child benefit !.

What a totally stupid situation. I dont pay taxes to pay for children in Poland.
// This is exactly the same way as income tax works. If one partner does not work and the other does, their income is not assessed jointly for tax purposes. //

I see that Jake, and it would make sense if both parents were entitled to receive a separate child benefit payment, but they're not - in other words they are assessed as a family unit when it comes to deciding who receives the benefit.
Why then is that logic not followed through now they're rethinking who gets the entitlement?
Dave...that would depend on the out goings.

In my last house it cost me over 3k a month to run. This house is app £800..that's a huge difference.
Ummmm - I hope I put this correctly.

Your choice of house is just that your choice, because you chose to spend that amount should you be treated any differently than someone who can't afford to spend it? If so where does that stop? I have a brand new range rover so I need to support my child.

I don't mean this in a rude way, but I see it as a matter of perspective.
Still agreeing with you Dave.
Must be some house to have cost £3K a month to run ummmm? ;o)
I understand that Dave. But circumstances change...
It was a pain in the arse Lottie...I'm glad I sold it...
ummmm : When my daughter move to Ireland and was still in full time education my child benefit stopped. I was basically told I was entitled to it if the child was not in the UK.

I take up ummms point here..
Why E. Europe and not Southern Ireland which is part of the EU?
It should be stopped for any family - single parent or otherwise, earning more than £44 K a year.
And Ireland is more expensive than England. Whereas Poland is a lot cheaper than their CB goes even further.

LL...3k is everything all in food. It was still my monthly expense though.
Still quite high though ummmm!
Child Benefit was not paid for a first child until 1975 - and I don't recall my children being deprived of anything despite an extremely low household income. Cut your cloth according to your means!!
Personally, I feel that child benefit should be scrapped altogether. It was brought in to deal with child poverty which was rife at the time. Although there is still some child poverty, I think that any extra benefits for children could be just merged into the benefit system which would help the very poorest families. Child benefit It is now outdated.
it was designed to help the less well off ash, this has not happened and like most benefits now, the loopholes are easy pickings
Obviously the cuts are done for simplicity. But I think there has been some misunderstanding.

I believe all women will still receive the child benefit as before but the difference is that the major taxpayer will pay extra tax so it neutralises the benefit.
ashfordshe. You are right. People expect far too much these days. We can't go backwards and no-one would want to live as we did in the 40's/50's, but people take far too much for granted. Shopping has become a hobby!!
I know it was...that's why I moved in with him and not the other way round.

Ashford...reading 'new judges' answer to the same subject in News. What we all seem to be forgetting (not me...I was only 2 in 1975) is that you got tax relief for every child you had. This was generally given to the male as he was the main bread winner. They decided to change this as in some families the money would be spent in the pub and not for the child. So they changed it from tax and made it a benefit. Mainly given to women.
I think it's fair. However there are far too many young men and women sitting at home not working at all since leaving school. It's almost a way of life for them. It may wake them up to trying to earn something for themselves if their benefits were assessed, instead of relying on the state for everything.

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Are The Recently Announced Child Benefit Cuts Fair?

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