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Are The Recently Announced Child Benefit Cuts Fair?

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AB Editor | 10:18 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | News
9 Answers
Individuals earning more than £44,000 will no longer gain child benefit, whereas a family with earnings of anything up to around £80,000 will still be in receipt of Child Benefit, is this a fair cut?


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of course it is not fair....we are talking about a tory govt after all.....

but then whoever said life would be fair anyway?
A family with someone who earns 44k will have it withdrawn.

It's worded like an individual is being compared to a family.
LOL Ed....i fell for that one!

"This poll is not active. Voting is not allowed."

You can have a 'huccct puttt' for that ;)
Question Author
Yep, bit of a cock-up there....
Completely unfair. But I am fed up of hearing that single people or couples with only one earner can't manage on £44,000. Some couples working full time don't earn this between them.
I don't believe that Eastern European migrant workers should be able to claim child benefits to send back to their own country, it was never designed for this and the children of these workers don't reside here, the Government would save millions by closing this loophole
Question Author
agreed - please cast your votes "over there" please in the news section, I've set up a fresh question!
In fact I should have said 'very many couples.....................'

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