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More reward for Murdoch for supporting the Tories?

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Gromit | 10:47 Fri 23rd Jul 2010 | News
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From the Guardian 8 months ago:
// A furious backlash from sport's governing bodies will greet tomorrow's recommendation that the Ashes and international football qualifiers be added to the list of events reserved for live broadcast on free-to-air television. The proposals, which, if adopted by the government, would represent a serious blow to Sky. //

The Government yesterday:
// A decision on whether future home England Ashes Test matches and other sporting events will be available on free-to-air television has been deferred until 2013. An independent review recommended in November 2009 an expansion in sports being free to view on television. //

Another 3 years for Rupert to charge for watching England matches.

Fair enough or Tories supporting its friends at the expense of the sport viewing public?


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Couldn't be anything to do with the various sports association's wanting to get even more revenue?
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Labour thwarted Murdoch's attempt to buy a British Terrestrial Television channel, referring his stake in ITV to the Monopolies Commision who ruled that he had to sell his stake.

Now Channel FIVE is for Sale and Murdoch may pounce. The Tories still owe him so any fear of a monopoly will be brushed aside, and SKYVE will get the go ahead.

FIVE is a rubbish channel, so no one will complain ('cept for us lefties).

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More reward for Murdoch for supporting the Tories?

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