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Yai | 19:51 Mon 31st Jan 2005 | News
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Is pepper spray sold in the UK for civilian or security guard use? If not, is it legal to import it?


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No and no.
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It is against the law to import:

(1) High voltage electric �stun guns�
(2) Pepper sprays, CS gas canisters and other self defence sprays
(3) High-powered air rifles
(4) Martial Arts weapons such as Death stars and Swordsticks
(5) Knives that have a concealed blade or a sharp point such as Belt buckle blades.
For importation and possession offences Judges have the option of imposing a fine, sending someone to jail for up to 10 years or combining the two.
as above - no, but for personal protection in the instance of an assault or attack, i think a can of deodorant would be just as effective as CS gas !
No, it's not illegal to import it, because this is for our own security when the police man are not helping then we have to do something for our protection and these kind of pepper spray , stun gun helps us to be protected from the illegal elements ..You can find these products information here..

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Pepper spray

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