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Where will you be watching the election coverage?

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AB Editor | 10:39 Wed 05th May 2010 | News
26 Answers

With the country going to the Ballot-box tomorrow and the media just about lathered to its fullest election frenzy, we thought it would be worth asking: where are you watching the election coverage? (If you're watching at all!)


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Where will you be watching the election coverage?

  • I will not be watching any of it. - 19 votes
  • 45%
  • I Will Be Flicking Between Channels - 12 votes
  • 29%
  • BBC with Dimbleby - 6 votes
  • 14%
  • Sky News - 3 votes
  • 7%
  • Channel 4's "Alternative Election Night" - 1 vote
  • 2%
  • I Will Be Listening To The Radio - 1 vote
  • 2%
  • ITV with Alastair Stewart - 0 vote
  • 0%

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glad to see i am not alone
At the moment, I'm so fed up with the entire hoopla, I am considering hunkering down and watching DVDs until it has all gone away...........:o(

However, I suspect that I'll be keeping an eye (or ear) out.

I'll probably flick through the channels to find the least histrionic coverage.
Will just keep up with the news on whatever channel might be on, whenever the mood takes me. Certainly won't be sitting down to specifically watch any coverage. Haven't been able to check any boxes as none applies.
I wont be watching it all either but if I do chose to have a look I find Sky to be the most up to date and least biased-so thats where i'll flick onto.
no way. does anybody not watch it? i am glued to the bbc from the start (best and most traditional/professional coverage) and get all the good moments live (like when a stuck up tory loses his seat and looks like he's swallowed a wasp). its so funn at times and is exciting. why bother to vote if you are not going to watch the results of the competition? btw - each to their own, i accept that. but it's our future, man! x
Question Author
I like a bit of over-the-top election coverage. I will be putting up a thread on here on the night so we can all predict/moan/cheer/boo. It kicks off at around 10pm right?

Here is a list of key seats to watch: http://ukpollingrepor.../guide/seats-to-watch

Spare Ed
I will watch BBC for "serious" coverage.

But once they start repeating themselves I will turn over and watch a bit of C4 "Alternative" coverage with Alan Carr, David Mitchell etc which will probably be quite amusing.

Then back to BBC for an update and so on.
I shall be putting my 'X' on the ballot paper tomorrow, but after that it's all in everyone else's hands..........

Whether I watch it, or not, can have no impact on the outcome. Long gone are the days of straight-forward reportage; we now have shouty, excitable commentators and a wealth of computer-generated graphics, etc.

The fact that the result will determine the direction this country takes is also more important to me than any individual's humiliation at the hands of the electorate.
Question Author
Top 5 Tory Target Seats:

1. Finchley and Golders Green 31 Swing required: 0.05 %
2. Crawley 37 Swing required: 0.05 %
3. Croydon Central 317 Swing required: 0.35 %
4. Battersea 336 Swing required: 0.4 %
5. Aberconwy 243 Swing required: 0.4 %

Lib Dem Target Seats:

1. Solihull 17 Swing required: 0 %
2. Somerton and Frome 39 Swing required: 0.05 %
3. Guildford 77 Swing required: 0.1 %
4. Edinburgh South 405 Swing required: 0.45 %
5. Islington South and Finsbury 484 Swing required: 0.8 %


1. Portsmouth North 68 Swing required: 0.1 %
2. Sittingbourne and Sheppey 82 Swing required: 0.1 %
3. Ealing Central and Acton 84 Swing required: 0.1 %
4. Kettering 108 Swing required: 0.1 %
5. Clwyd West 111 Swing required: 0.15 %
Probably BBC but the coverage isn't as good as it used to be..............
Question Author
JTH, you could join us on here and get your coverage that way? It would be a strange, but social, way to do it!

Spare Ed
We are all doomed. It doesn't matter who wins.
Question Author
I may well do that, Ed.

In 1997, I stayed up just about all night to watch the results. A personal friend of mine was standing as MP and I wanted to find out asap if he had been elected.

Unfortunately, it went to a couple of recounts before the result was confirmed.......he won !!

But the rest of the coverage (remembering this was Bliars triumph) was teeth-gnashingly irritating.
Question Author
Blair's landslide was stunning. With a majority in the house of that size I was surprised that he didn't do more in the first term - a lot of it seemed to be very gradual, slow, measured change. A maddeningly slow pace!

We certainly won't see anything like that this time. Where are you bets placed this time JTH?
if you can get excited over an election

hope you team never get to the european cup final, you may have a heart attack
D'you know, Ed, I'm not sure..........
I know what I'd like to happen.........but I also have a sneaking feeling that something else might happen.

1997 was a time of great expectation; 'things can only get better'....and then they didn't, not really.

I'm certainly a member of the 'disillusioned party'; voting only succeeds in establishing yet another bunch of hypocrites in Parliament.
Question Author
I think everyone is a bit jaded now.

Ideally I would like a reformation of Parliment. Reduce the numbers of MPs in the commons and change the Lords to a 90% PR 10% Appointed house - and reinstate the old powers the Lords once had (i.e. actual powers of scrutiny).

I think this might go some way of reducing this disconnect?

My money is on the Lib's getting around 97-107 seats - beyond that... who can tell!

Interesting article: emotional blackmail involved obviously, but still worth a read.

Spare Ed
I will flick between Sky News and the BBC to see who has the best coverage
Question Author
Next Labour leader anyone?

Mandleson seems like a good idea, in terms of betting that is...

Spare Ed

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