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olddutch | 07:51 Tue 04th May 2010 | News
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Labour supporters should vote Lib Dem in some marginals, says Ed Balls.

Peter Hain, Labours Secretary of state for Wales has signalled the same .

Labours Children's Secretary says in Lib Dem-Conservative marginals Labour voters should consider voting for Liberal Democrats

Senior cabinet ministers today sent the clearest signal yet that Labour supporters should vote Liberal Democrat in seats where Nick Clegg's party has a better chance of stopping the Tories.

The comments by the children's secretary, Ed Balls, are an indication that Labour is now resigned to a collapse in its vote on Thursday.

Senior Labour figures have hitherto been reluctant to endorse a vote for the Lib Dems, for fear of looking weak. But all the latest polls show that a hung parliament is still the likeliest outcome of the election on Thursday, with Labour trailing second or third in share of the vote.

Will New Labours New Advice impact on Thursdays vote ?


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It's not an admission of defeat. It's a smart tactical move to try and reduce the numbers of Tory MP's in a new parliament.
While I am no fan of Labour this is NOT an addmission of defeat by them.

For example I live in Solihull. This was a Tory seat for about 30 years. Liberal were always a close second, Labour in third a LONG WAY behind.

In the last election Liberals won so we had a Liberal MP for the first time (but it was close).

But since the last election there have been boundry changes and it is generally thought that it is more likely Tories will now win (but it will still be close).

In fact if the Liberals win it will be a "Liberal gain" and if Tories win it wil be a "Tories hold" (even though we have a Liberal MP).

So as Labour have no hope of winning this seat (they get about 5% of the vote) it makes sense for Labour to tell Labour voters to vote Liberal in Solihull to keep out the Tories.

After all, as far as Labour are concerned, the LESS Tory seats the better and the more chance Labour can cling on to power (by their fingertips).
In fact here is the result from the last election (you can see how close it was between Liberal and Tory, and how far Labour were behind)

Lorely Burt, Liberal Democrat, 20,896, 39.9%
John Taylor, Conservative, 20,617, 39.4%
Rory Vaughan, Labour, 8,058, 15.4%
Ive been voting liberal (nick harvey)for the last 18 years in north devon to keep the CONservatives out and it works a treat.(:O)
Peter Hain made me laugh on the Today programme this morning, claiming that the majority of people don't want the Tories to win. More statistical sophistry.

When was the last time a majority of people wanted any party to win? Even in Labour's 1997 landslide, 56.8% of voters did not want Labour to win and voted for other parties ...
I've already voted so I don't have to listen to any more advice from anyone. I had a sitting MP, very hardworking, who claimed no expenses, up against an MP from another constituency (because of boundary changes) who claimed lots, so that wasn't hard.
Question Author

Thanks for yet another 3 star answer - yes i did over egg the headline pudding to get a reaction and your points are valid - but it does still smack of last minute Labour desperation. Senior Labour figures have up to now been reluctant to endorse a vote for the Lib Dems for fear of looking weak - In my view its a strong implied admission by Labour that they are unlikely to gain an overall majority and that they are hoping for a second best for them - a power share with Lib Dem.
>but it does still smack of last minute Labour desperation.

Some of the Labour comments from the last few days have shown signs of desperation.

"The Tories and Liberals will close down NHS hospitals"

"The Tories and Liberals will put up taxes, cut benefits, etc etc".

They are all cries of a desperate party who will say anything to discredit the opposition for a few votes.
Question Author
"They are all cries of a desperate party who will say anything to discredit the opposition for a few votes."

Yes, the lust for power is a terrible addiction - discreditation is part of the game and all the parties are players - like your avatar - which lake is it ?

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