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Who will "Win" This Evening's Leader's Debate?

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AB Editor | 14:17 Thu 29th Apr 2010 | News
22 Answers

It is time to test the predictive powers of The AnswerBank News group. Who do you think will win this debate? The Debate kicks off on BBC1 at 8.30pm - but who looks likely to do the best? [Poll finished before the debate begins]


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Who will "Win" Tonight's Leader's Debate?

  • David Cameron - 9 votes
  • 50%
  • Gordon Brown - 5 votes
  • 28%
  • Nick Clegg - 4 votes
  • 22%

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Hi Ed,

I think Brown will get slaughtered tonight after his own goal yesterday.........he needs to be well prepared, as they will probably go for the jugular.
To answer your question, think Cameron and Clegg will come out of it about the remains to be seen if Brown will score points with the public after such a bad error in judgement.........will be very interesting....i'll be watching it.
Have voted for Nick Clegg again but will not be watching as I will be following the Footie on Channel 5 !
Question Author
If Brown performs well it would be seen as a "comeback".

I doubt he will however. He is fine shouting across the dispatch box, but not so good when faced with the public.

I can't honestly see Cameron making much headway tonight. Clegg would do well to stay as he is.

Spare Ed
He's got his work cut out, Ed

Redman, who's playing on the footie?
Liverpool v Athletico Madrid Europa League Semi-Final
Question Author
Question Author
Even though the economy is supposed to favour Brown, tonight's debate will be even, with no clear winner. As these debates have gone on, the leaders have learned quickly and are more prepared and less nervous. Brown regularly wipes his feet on Cameron at PMQs, but the rules of the debate will not allow that tonight.

I expect another good showing from Clegg, because Labour are saying more of the same, the Tories aren't much different and people don't trust them, and the Lib/Dems, whether you like their policies are not, they are different.
That'll be a good game, redman....will probably stick it on my TV picture - in - picture, so i dont miss any of the action.......i'm a multi-tasking bear, you
Question Author
And finally, something about Mr Cameron for you:

#davefacts include:

Che Guevara wears David Cameron T-shirts

David Cameron is HD ready

You can lead a horse to water but it's Dave who makes it drink You can lead a horse to water but it's Dave who makes it drink
Nice links, Ed :0)

I will be having some pork scratchings with a lager tonight, whilst watching the debate ( and the footie too )
Question Author
Agreed Gromit.

What do you think the chances are for a Lib Dem gain?


There is a new(ish) TNS BMRB poll out this morning. The topline figures are CON 34%(nc), LAB 27%(-2), LDEM 30%(nc). The fieldwork was conducted between the 21st and 27th April. TNS do traditional face-to-face fieldwork in people’s homes, so almost by definition it takes far longer to do. As the speed and quantity of polls in this election keep rising though, it does render polls like this slightly behind the times.
Gordon Brown was getting lots of support and sympathy from radio 2 listeners this afternoon.
Question Author
63 to 94 seat jump is predicted for the Lib Dems. A hung Parliment, should be good fun!

Is he? What demographic would you call radio2? Aside from "mature"? Are they generally more left or right?
"What demographic would you call radio2?"

Just about alive i would say,

( I apologise unreservedly to all Radio 2 was a mistake, to which i take on board, and i promise to be a good boy from now on )
Other than the mature bit I wouldn't really know but Jeremy Vine said he was surprised at the number of texts in support of the prime minister. Armed with that little snippet they are probably more left.
Than you Yogi Bear.
Perhaps we could have a poll of what radio Answerbankers listen to Ed?
Question Author
Not a bad idea. Might stick it up in CB for a day or two.

Do any of you ever look in Poll discussions?

All the best

To be honest, no I haven't but I will take a little peep now you have mention it.

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Who will "Win" This Evening's Leader's Debate?

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