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Unpatriotic Clegg

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anotheoldgit | 10:57 Thu 22nd Apr 2010 | News
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/// All nations have a cross to bear, and none more so than Germany with its memories of Nazism. But the British cross is more insidious still.///

This was a statement by Nick Clegg.

Do we need anti British individuals such as him to lead a British political party?

He's the one who will get rid of the pound and turn even more power over to Europe.


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I think he has a point actually.
i don't include winning wars as part of my 'Being British' make-up.
Are you suggesting we keep the pound for patriotic reasons?

That's terrifying.

Anyway, he doesn't sound as anti-British as those that want British citizens to be repatriated.
it's all gone to his head......gerrrroffff Nick !
Do you think the editor of the Mail tugs his forelock when Cameron rings him up to tell him what today's headline will be?
Question Author
/// i don't include winning wars as part of my 'Being British' make-up.///

I supose you would have rather us lost then?

You would have preferred to live under the Nazi jack-boot then?

You don't even deserve the right to be called British.
Well, I guess all those cultural theorists debating what 'Britishness' even means are all just wasting their time considering Britishness essentially just derives from a proclamation by AOG.

Believe it or not, you can criticise your country and still believe in it. You do it all the time.
I think what he's saying is that Germany after the war acknowledged that it had behaved abominably, and reformed. Britain concluded that it had behaved righteously, and refused to change. So which country has actually done better since the war?

He did not say Britain should have lost the war. He's saying that winning blinded Britain to the need to progress. Do you think this was wrong?
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So AOG if Britain declared war on Switzerland and blew the crap out of it and 'won' it would be anti-British to say that our givernment acted wrong?

just out of interest did you want the iraq/afghan wars?
/// i don't include winning wars as part of my 'Being British' make-up.///

does not mean that someone ' would have rather us lost then? '

Your ability to comprehend and reason a point is found wanting yet again.

Dot is entitled to her point of view; you however are not entitled to question her right to be British just because you can't appreciate it. I expect she is as entitled to call herself British as you are even though you are a silly little man with limited intelligence.
oi who doesn't deserve the right to be called British, I;ve traced my ancestry back on my dad's line to 1430 and his direct ancestor came over from Roscommon to make shoes in Chester city at the consent of the manor of Chester and the admitance to the Chester Guild, so i can pretty well be sure I am as British as a need to be. I would prefer to live in Antigua and be British over there though, they used to be British and are more British than alot of people over here.
I agree that Britain spent too many years refusing to help it's people back into prosperity, they gave them temporary housing that was still there in the 1970s and G Plan gave them utility furniture that they charged the earth for.
Plus, who decides what someone does or doesn't do to deserve to be British? that actually sounds like covert ethnic snobbery actually whatever that might be lol
Question Author

I don't know if you lived during the second war, but if you had you would realise that this small country stood alone against the might of the Third Reich, a force that had swept over and conquered almost the whole of Europe.

You say that Britain (I presume you mean it's Government) spent too many years refusing to help it's people back into prosperity,

It was the people who threw out Churchill, and voted in a Labour Government, and we all know how they get their people back into prosperity. To be fair though we had just gone through almost 6 years of war, and we had huge debts to pay (only just paid them), so they had to run the country on a shoe string.

Regarding your pre-fabs in1945/46 there were thousands of men returning to civvy street who with their families had to be originally temporary housing, but it was so successful that they remained for many years..

Regarding G-Plan furniture this wasn't utility furniture (which ceased in 1952), but a new style of quality furniture that was introduced in 1953

You did not answer my question "would you have rather had Nazi Germany win the war"?
The euphoria of winning the war overshadowed the lack of progress after it. Britain was well behind the rest in terms of production methods.

Steve that is because Britain and the yanks helped rebuild German industry. Most of the German factories were nothing more than rubble after the war. Back it dear Old Blighty the English workers carried on in the old factories on the same old machnes.
That is why production was behind.
The large National Debt probably helped none either.
We never stood alone against Germany, that was Poland.
We were never alone full stop, as we had our colonial and commonwealth troops, I feel part of Clegg's observation is based on the sheer lack of credit that dominion troops recieved (especially the Morrocan, Algerians and Tunisians, although that is a French matter) a little poem from your youth, see if you remember it.
Oh, bury me at Cassino
My duty to England is done.
And when you get back to Blighty,
And you are drinking your whisky and rum,
Remember that old Indian soldier,
When the war that he thought has been won!
well, he's half Dutch (mother) half Russian (Daddy) he's married to a Spanish woman, he spent his gap year between Westminster school and Cambridge University in Austria and also studied in America - what does he know about being British?
we stood alone against the might of the Third Reich... except for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America, India, Russia...

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Unpatriotic Clegg

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