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How safe is South Africa now?

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anotheoldgit | 11:31 Wed 07th Apr 2010 | News
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/// In a chilling message a Malema “fan” called Thato Mbateti Mbateti warns: “Every trespasser, namely white whores, we will rape them and kill them... White kids will be burned.” ///

How worried will World Cup fans be by vicious messages such as this?

Will it be safe to stage the World Cup in South Africa, or is this type of message only the ramblings of a sick minority?


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There is probably ethnic ghettos in England where they say the same thing.
I'm afraid it's going the way of Zimbabwee. We have loads of SA's here, they've pretty much given up on the place. Very foolsh to hold the world cup there, done only for some sort of PC cobblers reason. The place is not safe, pity, lovely countryside but the savages have taken over. Start running a sweep stake on how many deaths. It could turn very nasty if fans en masses decide to retaliate against the local criminals who see them as christmass come early. I would go there normally, let alone during the world cup.

Just wait till Mandela dies, Zimbabwee mark 2.
VHG is right. This man is hardly a respresentative sample.
Waitrose and Sainsbury's are open today in my local area, so I can buy champagne to celebrate when Thato Mbateti Mbateti is murdered by two white guys.


Excellent parry.

I salute you.
sp1814 - just as long as you realise it was not meant personally
I'm sure he wouldn't fancy me, so I'd be alright!
World cup fans should probably buy black and White minstrel set off eBay before travelling.
Gromit, good idea make fun of a very serious situation where people could well end up with people killed.

SA is a tinderbox, as R1 says another Rhodesia
Call me cynical, but I suspect certain parts of the media almost WANT violence to erupt, for reasons that can easily be guessed.

As with sporting events in Isreal, I hope the security forces are up to speed and in strength, so THIS World Cup can pass as boringly as every other one.
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Safe as houses...... houses in Tahitti
When I was in South Africa some Years ago it was the white Afrikaaners you had to watch out for just as much as the Cape Coloureds. Bad sods they were as they do not like the British. The only thing they were good for was making Wine !
Also keep out of the Ghettos.
Did anyone see the Panorama special the other week? There are hundreds of thousands of black savages just waiting all over the cities to rob and maim. Many publicly stated they are treating the world cup as an opportunuty. Why are we so complacent? the place is waiting to errupt. Gawd knows what FIFA was thinking!
You do know that this is going to be the worst attended world cup since the 1930's dont you.

England needed an extension of the sales window


After this article it was reported there are at least 650,000 unsold possibly more.
Let's just revive the Rous Cup and play in that instead. Then we'll never have to go anywhere foreign or scary.
Question Author
Nice to see the word "Savages" can again be posted, without creating wrath from the likes of sp1814.
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you do seem obsessed with this chap, mate of yours? never met him myself, still I don't remember him threatening to burn children and rape and klill visitors.
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How safe is South Africa now?

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