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Banning smoking in cars + areas where children are...

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R1Geezer | 11:28 Wed 24th Mar 2010 | News
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Further attacks on the social lepers, or sensible measures? I must admit I do feel sorry for the kids I see in the backs of cars, in a safety seat of course, gasping for breath, getting gassed by cynide and 500 other poisonous gases, why do smoking parents think so little of their children?

Should Smoking Be Banned In Cars and Places Where Children Are?

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Should The Smoking Ban Be Extended to Cars and Areas Where Children Are?

  • No - The car and home are areas which should not be effected by by smoking bans - 50 votes
  • 54%
  • Yes - smoking should be banned in these areas - 43 votes
  • 46%

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Way too long to post as an answer so here you go smart, link to a site detailing a full list for what's in a cigarette
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I took my test in the early sixties driving a mini. Plenty of those still around so I assume they still pass the MOT. Incidently,somewhere in the house is the highway code book from those days, it includes the hand signals for horse drawn carriages. :-)
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All new cars had to be fitted with flashing indicators by 1st Sep 65.
I don't remember but assume there was a transition period when both types of signalling were allowed.

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Banning smoking in cars + areas where children are...

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