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Age of criminal responsibility?

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R1Geezer | 13:02 Mon 15th Mar 2010 | News
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This was on the news over the weekend so I'm amazed no one has asked the question on here so here goes.

Is 10 fair enough or should it be rasied or lowered. The childrens commissionaer, Maggie Atkinson thinks it should be 12, and that the Bulger killers should not have been prosecuted.

I think it's fine as it is, what do you think ABers?

Should We Change The Age Of Criminal Responsibility?

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Should the Age of Criminal Responsibility be changed?

  • The age of Criminal Responsibility is fine as it is - 10 votes
  • 38%
  • The age of Criminal Responsibility should be raised - 9 votes
  • 35%
  • The age of Criminal Responsibility should be lowered - 7 votes
  • 27%

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Thompson & Venables were tried in 'adult court' and this is what Atkinson is querying.

Agree with Zeuhl.........
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Question Author
no that's not what she's saying jack she's saying they should not have been tried at all and that the age should be raised to 12.
Wasn't the age lowered because of them? Or did I dream that up?
R1G - "Dr Atkinson made the remarks while claiming that it had been wrong to try ten-year-old killers Jon Venables and Robert Thompson in an adult court." an indirect quote for you.
Question Author
It's been 10 as long as anyone can remember so ummm, I'd say you dreamt that up!
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Question Author
yes she mentioned the adult court thing but her main thrust is changing the age to 12
To answer your question R1, without debating what this woman said or didn't say, I think 10 is perfectly fine. I disagree with letting them out at 18 just becasue they beacome adults. Should have been shipped of to Thailand at 18 to finish the rest of their sentence - Life.
There are constant cries for the age of "this or that", to be lowed.

The age of Voting.

The age of consent regarding Gays. (this apparently has been lowed, but Peter Tatchell is now calling for it to be even lower, to14)

The age of consent regarding heterosexuals.

In view of this and with the young being more experienced and advanced than at any time in the past, I say reduce the age of criminal responsibility.

They know exactly what they are doing.
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I like Docspock practical way of thinking...
AOG ///In view of this and with the young being more experienced and advanced than at any time in the past, I say reduce the age of criminal responsibility. ///

What age would you want it reduced to?

I know that you don't often read your own questions, but thought that you may make an effort to read other people's questions before attempting to answer them
Really Society/Spock ?

So prosecuting 7 year old shoplifters for theft OK then?

How about a 5 year old that hit's another? - assault?
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At the time there was absolute moral outrage - I'm sure many of us remember.

Pitchforks at dawn doesn't come close.

I think at the time Michael Howard was Home Secretary at the time and had been going around with a tough line

"Prison Works" was his soundbite.

Basically he caved in to the public outcry and had these 10 year olds effectively tried as adults for political reasons.
Sorry Jake, wasn't it Kenneth Clarke?

I wouldn't like to say re the age. I wouldn't know where to begin trying to assess at what age a child has 'criminal responsibility'. My instincts tell me it should be higher than 10 but beyond that I don't have any more of a compelling argument.

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