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British troops launch major Taliban assault

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anotheoldgit | 11:45 Fri 05th Feb 2010 | News
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/// The assault has been widely publicised in an effort to convince civilians and wavering fighters to leave Marjah,.///

Is it a good idea to advertise one's military plans to the enemy, so soon?

Would it have been less risk to ground troops to give a warning to the civilians to leave, and then conduct an air strike, before sending in the ground troops?

/// Major General Gordon Messenger, strategic communications office for Afghanistan, said: 'We want to do it in the least aggressive way possible. But we can't discount a fight and we can't discount casualties.'///

Are the lives of insurgents more valuable to our politicians than their own troops?


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The only way of 'winning' a war is to win over "Hearts and Minds".

Forcing people to leave their homes and them bombing the hell out of them, isn;t a great way of appealing to them (and in fact can drive them straight in to the arms of the Taliban).
Not as much as leaving them in their homes and bombing the hell out of them does!
Didn't we use a similar attack on Fallujah in Iraq?

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British troops launch major Taliban assault

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