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Can we afford to stay in the European Union?

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anotheoldgit | 15:11 Sun 30th Aug 2009 | News
23 Answers our-s-surrender-to-Brusses-s-losing-us-billion s

Britain's payments to the European Union will rocket by almost 60 per cent, from �4.1billion this year to a mind boggling, eye watering, incredible �6.4billion in 2010/11.

The cost of financing the Afghan and Iraqi wars, �4.5billion ghanistan-iraq-bill-british-military

The cost of bailing out the banks,.�200billion

Can we now afford another �6.4billion to fund our payment to Europe?

Margaret Thatcher forced Brussels to give us a budget rebate, but since then Tony Blair negotiated away about 20 per cent (�7.2billion) of the rebate that we would have received between 2007 and 2013.

Brown boasted that as part of this deal, France would reform the wasteful Common Agricultural Policy. Has that happened? No. Will it happen? No.


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I always vote UKIP.

Why don't you ALL join me, to send a strong message to the idiots down there.
Primary doesn't mean ONLY,Git. And services are Sold Gottit yet ?
Surely getting out is just in the 'too difficult' category for our politicians?
Bad feelings amongst other EU nations, a heck of a lot of negotiating to be done and so on. Hence no political brownie-points to be won. So it isn't going to happen for the UK by that route.
The voting rights on succession of new members is not aligned to the proportion of contribution. Until it is, we are stuffed.
In the end, EU has to fall apart because it will become unmanageable. and every growth produces yet more budget contribution for the net inputters of funds.
Don't know whether it will fall apart in 2 years, 20 years or 50. But for the UK, far better for our politicians to let one of the smaller nations do the donkey-work (Ireland, Denmark perhaps) - then ride on the back of it.

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Can we afford to stay in the European Union?

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