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Not sure what your point is.

So, AOG posted some questions yesterday and you may be of the opinion they weren't terribly original ones. So what. You don't have to join in if you don't want to.

His 5 questions yesterday were all a lot better than your none question above.

Why don't you go out for a walk instead of bothering us.
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Question Author
Just seeking to put a little humour into what has become a tedious section in Answerbank. Nothing more.
Sorry you don't see the humour, G.
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Don't give up your day job buildersmate.
Question Author
This is my day job Gromit - helping AOG with the 'marketing' of his questions. It seems to have worked because the response of others was markedly improved on those questions compared to the average 'hit rate' he achieves.
Just need to help him be a bit more diligent at responding to others comments - still I suppose he's far too busy trawling the Daily Mail seeking out so-called gems for the following day.
good man, buildersmate, definite future in PR for you. Remember, aog's questions help to keep intemperate rightwingers off the street, where they might get into trouble tripping over modern life.

And I can't see why you shouldn't invade any section you like.
Question Author
That's my boy!

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