close the borders?

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kinell | 00:38 Sun 26th Jul 2009 | News
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the french wouldnt put up with this

the last time i looked france wasnt renowned for persecution so why should we let this lawless and dangerous lot even have an attempt at getting into britain?

the practicalities are difficult but the consequences are worse


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If you go to other countries in the world illegally you are thrown out straight away. Even getting a job in another country has more brick walls thrown at you to out you off than the great wall of china.

This country is soft soft soft and illegal immigrants know it. Rights of this person, rights because they are a particular religion. I don't care. Get them out now!
if a newspaper (in this case the daily Mail) can send a reporter and a camera man out to Calais to investigate the escalating violence by illegal immigrants after a spate of 'highway robberies' involving British holidaymakers.

Why cannot the authorities also have a team of police officers out there, complete with a camera (for evidence) and the power to make on the spot arrests?

Could the reason be that the French are not prepared to participate, since it would mean them using up their own judicial resources in trying to convict and imprison these criminals.

Our problem in UK can be put down to the 'tipping principle.' When the scales weigh down heavily the force required to revert to equilibrium is overwhelming.

We cannot take action because of the backlash of those already here. With a million or more illegals it would take enormous effort to remove them and could even cause civil war.

The immigrants in Calais are getting enormous support from those in Britain with money and cheques being paid into their bank accounts. When 80% of British people say it has gone too far and the politicians say they can live with it what hope is there for true democracy.

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