what happend to the torture question

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maxximus | 11:58 Fri 01st May 2009 | News
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or should we torture the bacon out of some muslim (preferably palestinian) pig or swine, to get to the bottom of this flu thing, or just just e-mail rummy himself to ask if it's just a coincidence that overnight you can go from a war criminal to being even richer than you ever dreamed!


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Does anyone understand this question or is it me being thick this morning ? Iv'e read it three times and can make no sense of it !
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have a coffee and dig a little deeper than your morning headline cheers!
I fully agree with wasp.

This should be in Puzzles. Who is "rummy"? This is the danger of using your own little phraseology, nobody else has a "scooby", hence you get hardly any replies.
This is about Donald Rumsfeld, who is alleged to have known about torture being used at Gitmo.

It turns out Rumsfeld has a financial interest in the company that makes Tamiflu, the widely used medication for Swine Flu.

Sales of Tamiflu (and presumably Rumsfelds payout) have rocketed.
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atta boy gromit, it sickens my soul
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apologies for fogetting battlecry, must get those terrorists!
Thanks for that, Gromit. This probably explains why I rarely visit the Quizzes&Puzzles section!

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what happend to the torture question

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