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helpmetoo | 15:46 Thu 12th Jun 2008 | News
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apparently if you are semi-literate, stupid and a liar you can still land a job for a hundred large!


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Are you referring to 'The Apprentice'???
House of commons?

EU parliament?

The list is endless.
Question Author
pointedly the apprentice

could be many others but not in our face

my dog spells more accurately

if you want to lie about your qualifications and courses why put down thames valley 'university' that hot-bed of academic achievement

better to get found out for a harvard or a proper university
Most of the Apprentice is farcical and lies:

Lucinda earns 100k a year
Claire earns 85k
Alex and his brother put stones in bags and turned over several thousand pounds a month
Lee being illiterate and a blatant liar - Why would you even put a course you didnt complete on your CV???

I expect his new job does not involve spelling. He'll have people to do that for him, as many do. It seems Sirallen wanted other qualities and thought Lee had them. One of these, I suppose, is not being a female who talks; nobody hires those.
Last week Karen Brady said she would employ Claire.

Presumably showing the anti-corruption police around Birmingham FC.
Karren "I was MD of Birmigham CIty when I was 23" Brady

Nothing to do with sha88ing fat boy sullivan was it???
You may be right but guess what - none of that matters.

Not if you can consistantly make a company money.

And you don't have to watch the apprentice to see that.

Just go to any premiership football match you'll see loads of overpaid morons!
Apparently Brady & Sullivan like the Police
People are far too snide about Lee. Sure, he can't spell, and sure he made an absolutely idiotic mistake on his CV (Sir Alan himself admitted to doing 'something like that' when he was younger). But that doesn't actually mean he's an idiot.

The guy is excellent at what he does, and proved on multiple occasions his ability to deliver and succeed. He was thus utterly deserving of the job.

Most of the Apprentice is farcical and lies

How are any of the examples you give relevant to this assertion in any way?
Yeah he was great in the way he dealt with Lucinda on the Car task wasnt he.

This case illustrates perfectly mankind is in such a state. The bloke can't spell, so bloody what, his CV's a mess, ditto. Thank god for people who can cut the crap and get to what matters. Sugar for all his faults does that. He has the, bottle, talent to what what was required, who gives a sh1t whether he's got 0 level English. Believe it or not I have a list of qualifications as long as your arm, I've never had to show them, ever! Ok I needed them to get on the job ladder that's because most employers are people like you who know the price of everything and the value of nothing and rate irrelevant baubles ahead of substance. I just had to write them down on my CV I didn't need to actually produce certificates although I had them ready. You only need qualifications for your first job anyway, after that, experience trumps any amount of bits of paper.
Yeah he was great in the way he dealt with Lucinda on the Car task wasnt he.

Bear in mind that at that point he'd been going through almost the whole 12 gruelling weeks. Lucinda, let's face it, while a very good manager was very, very, very annoying. I'm not saying his actions were justified (they most certainly weren't), but the context he was operating in was not representative of the context he'd be doing actual business in. So the way he reacted toward her was likely not representative of how he'd react toward someone like that in practice.

Doesn't this thread belong in Media&TV, anyway?
It says it all when all of the previous winners have left after a short while. Maybe its a stepping stone to something more grander?
Not really. The guy who won last year, for instance, is still working with one of Sir Alan's organisations and (according to Sir Alan) is developing a project in Stansted. Sir Alan has quite a few organisations under his belt, so he's pretty always got places he can use people.

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