Telegraph price increase

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206 | 12:26 Mon 15th Oct 2007 | News
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Just recently the Telegraph slipped through a 14% increase from 70p to 80p without so much as a murmour of objection. Maybe other papers did too, I wouldn't know.

How can they justify this when a goodly proportion of their output is supplements which go straight in the bin unread?


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Who cares? They can charge what they want, you don't have to pay it.
Simple answer, Dont buy it, I have'nt bought a newspaper for about 3 years now, everything you need can be found on the internet, majority of what you read is made up anyway.
The Telegraph at 80p is a bargain. If you subscrbe, then the price reduces significantly.

The telegraph on-line is free and is excellent.

Or there is the telegraph e-paper which again will save money (and rubbish) if you subscribe to that. enprint/viewer.aspx
The times recently went up to 70p from 60p
Hmmm, i heard the increase was due to the recent post strikes.
They have had to put an increment cost on for when they lose business from postal strikes...
Judging by the quantity of pre-paid vouchers that are taken by newsagents in exchange for the Telegraph. It would seem that it only some readers who pay the full price for it.

There is not another paper that gives these "pre-paid" vouchers out. Perhaps this is why they have banged a 10p increase on their paper. Maybe If their readers stopped buying the paper they would soon reduce it.

Some newspapers even give !0p - 15p off vouchers, to induce the public to buy their newspapers.

Nobody is forced into buying any newspaper. Anyone with an ounce of sense would see that they are just out to sensationalize, distort and lie about things. Why buy them??!!
The Daily Telegraph...

"out to sensationalize, distort and lie about things."

Shome Mishtake shurely?

Still not a great read though.
The daily sport doesnt lie...
the postman doesn't deliver my paper, MrBen.

Actually, nobody does since my newsagent fled to Pakistan to avoid unpaid debts. Now I have to buy it myself. Or, as some have pointed out, read it online. I can cope with reading short news stories on a screen but I find reading longer articles more difficult, but maybe that's just me.

Have you looked at the e-paper link above. Might be just what you need.

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Telegraph price increase

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