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World Cup, can anyone stop the All Blacks???

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Loosehead | 16:16 Mon 10th Sep 2007 | News
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After being favourite most of the previous world cups but failing to win since 1987, can the All Blacks win this year or do you think they'll get unexpectedly beaten again as they did in 2003 and in 1999? If so who do you think will beat them?


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All Blacks or Australia can't see anyone else doing it, when are they scheduled to meet in the knock out stages??
Question Author
Well assuming they both win their groups they'll meet in the semi.
So how woulod be in the other semi??
Only people who can beat the All Blacks are themselves by cracking under the weight of expectation. Should be an All Blacks v. Springboks final but anything can happen.
Question Author
probably France and South Africa.
Question Author
Akthough France have made it a bit harder for themselves!So there's a chance it could be Argentina instead of France.
We'll it aint going to be us retaining it lol
Question Author
Well rev the realist in me is forced to agree!
I think the All Blacks aren't going to disappoint this year, I think they will run away with it! I think most of the seeded groups' performances were poor! Maybe starting match nerves for all!
Is the Sports category broken again?
The All Blacks seem to be the obvious choice, but will they choke again?

You can never discount the Aussies, they are machine like, and always seem to raise their game come the WC.

South Africa are my ''dark horses'' tho, they look quite powerful around.

As for the others, the french are the french ie hit & miss, and of the home nations, i cannot make a decent case for any, tho i did quitely fancy the irish to do well {see last nights game oops}

I hope England can raise their game, but i just cannot see it

South africa it is then
I'd like to know why Scotland's game wasn't shown on ITV1 in England instead of a repeat of a recently shown programme about the Queen's Guards,
nothing unexpected about NZ being beaten in 2003; they were more flashy than good. 1999 was a surprise, though. This time... well, injuries often play a big part, so it would be rash to make any predictions. The Springboks have already lost a couple of players.
Corby - Because we aint bothered lol
Scotland! (fat chance, but it would be nice!!) Maybe they'll win the Six Nations.
where are all your english flags flying from your cars this time? i do hope its an england v wales quarter
Question Author
The flag bit is only done for Chavball, proper football fans do not feel the need to drive around looking like a plonker! I too hope it's and England Wales quarter ..... with the same outcome as the last WCQF!

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World Cup, can anyone stop the All Blacks???

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