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Photographs of the Beginning of the Universe

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whiffey | 19:19 Wed 11th Jul 2007 | News
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There were some shown on BBC News tonight. Brilliant I call it, that'll shut up the God freaks. If God had been there prodding it along the camera would have caught him, there's no hiding from digital technology. They were shot on an Olympus at 20x zoom.

What other historical events do you think should be photographed ?


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The beginnings of the universe were captured on an olympus 20x zoom

Yeah and I captured the takeover of mars by the zogs on my pentus super A
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Think about it. If we can capture light rays emanating from 4004 BC surely we can catch those floating around from Trafalgar or D-Day ? You only need to get the digital filter right. It's not as daft as it seems.
OK, as i am a cameraman i know about filming. Yes it is possible to capture events in other dimensions on film, but only in certain situations. No filters or lighting or other equipment is needed. Only a camera that works.
If you have a �40,000 camera like the one i use you can get them in HD.


4004BC as the start of the Universe? Have you been reading a best-selling Fairy Story? The Newsnight item referred to events b14 Billion years ago.

If you look very closely at the picture of the formation of the very first stars and galaxies, you can just make out a grey hair bearded old geezer giving the two-fingered salute (and it is not Richard Branson).
No lovejoy with a 300 tonne 36 mirror compound telescope that stands 8 stories high!

We can't photograph historical events from the past as you'd have to overtake the light carrying the information to do it and that's not allowed!

Still if we're having a vote I'd like some shots of Stonehenge being built
I'd vote for the comet that wiped oot the dinosaurs
I'd like to have seen some photos of the storming of the bastille.

Could I do have video camera shot of Socrates doing some teaching? Or are we only allowed still shots?

or how about the birth of Jesus?
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How about the building of the pyramids , please?
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Yes Gromit, 4004 BC, see Ussher:

Dates may be found throughout the Scofield Reference Bible.

Here are some others of interest (photos to follow):

BC 1918 - Abram pitched his tent toward Sodom
BC 1913 - Abram went in unto Hagar (and she conceived)
BC 1707 - And the famine was sore in the land
BC 1471 - The ordinance of the red heifer
BC 602 - The sign of the linen girdle (Jeremiah incase you had forgotten)
BC 555 - The ram and rough goat vision (Daniel)

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Photographs of the Beginning of the Universe

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