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Richard Gere

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dummkopf | 20:14 Thu 26th Apr 2007 | News
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I've just read that Richard Gere is to be arrested for kissing Shilpa whats her name in public ! It seemed a bit of idiotic larking about to me and he's old enough to know better - but issuing a warrant for his arrest, where are these people coming from.


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Different countries have different laws. In Spain in the early 70's it was illegal to kiss in public (yes, I got told off).
The rules in India allow a citizen to swear out a warrant if they feel a law's been broken. There are dozens issued at celebs there every year, according to the news today "usually by attention seekers". I don't think he'll be too worried.
Where are these people coming from? India! This shows what a farce the original Shetty 'scandal' during Celebrity Big Brother was. Tell these brainless sheep anything is bad and there'll be riots up and down the entire nation. Imagine how they'd react if they knew Gere's fabled record with hamsters?! The only positive here is that we may finally have seen the last of Shetty - someone who should never have been granted the title 'celebrity' in the first place and, by all accounts, was only ever a Z-lister in India previously. What a sham her whole story has been.
or was it gerbils?
Re: gerbils/hamsters - it was neither. It was an off the cuff remark made by Mohammed Al Fayed when Gere was over here to open a section of Harrods.

The media picked up on it, and unfortunately he's been stuck with it ever since.

Oh, and while we're at it - the Marc Almond story (the one about 'two pints' of err...stuff) is also entirely fabricated.

I hope this isn't the last we see of Shilpa. Glamorous, beautiful and dignified. This is how our celebrities should be, rather than foul-mouthed, ignorant, talentless nobodies.

Mohammed Fayed, not 'al Fayed'.

'al' is an honorific that the ridiculous man added to his name to make himself appear less working class. It would be like Justin Timberlake restyling himself Justin Von Timberlake...
It makes me wonder, it seems that if something arises in these countries that tends to offend them (which isn't very hard to do), out they go onto the streets and burn a flag, an effigy or hurl a few rocks.

Do they have special shops that will make up an effigy to order, or supply a flag of any nationality? We have recently seen some budding entrepreneur with his cart full of rocks to chuck at the British Embassy in Teheran.

What is with these people?
they dhould either through away the key or put him before the firing squad as long as he never makes another film again.
The end of Shetty??? She is 4-1 on as being the next Bond girl!!!!!

It was a bit odd though what Mssr Gere did.
At nearly 32, Shetty is way too old to be a Bond girl. In her dreams! I suspect this is another far-fetched yarn spun by her PR. Her whole career appears to have been built on them. How delightful to see sp1814 still follows me round like a sad stalker

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