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Cetti | 13:15 Tue 20th Mar 2007 | News
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Just heard the very sad news that Jim died on Saturday in New York. Diagnosed with cancer about two weeks ago. So very young - only 51.

He was the founder of Monkey World in Wareham Dorset. With his wife Alison rescued monkeys and apes all over the world that had been used and much abused. His enthusiasm and energy was endless and so infectious. He was much sought after for TV programmes as well as working with world leaders to help educate those working with animals.


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I agree, very sad news, Cetti.

It looks like normanthedog is so upset thet he can't manage to string a whole sentence together.
I didn't know of him but I've ben to Monkey World and have great admiration for anyone who dedicates their life to the rehoming and treatment of ex laboratory or otherwise abused animals. A big loss.
Such a sad loss, he did such alot of good work with his wife Alison I only hope she can continue with the work he was a champion for the Apes.
Oh no Cetti,I'm really sorry to hear that. I loved those programmes from Monkey World,with all those gorgeous chimps etc. Once again a much needed animal champion has died way too young.Thanx for letting us know.
I've seen his programme on telly and he and his wife were very committed to their work. Its a sad loss for his family and all the animals that he loved and saved.
So young too...Sad news...I loved that programme and the work he did
Sadly Jim did die at the age of 55.

This is a link to a tribute page with links to many obituaries and comments .
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Thank you, ilcolonello.

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