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casaespana | 18:02 Tue 06th Mar 2007 | News
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I see the Government is reconsidering where to site the new super casino and about time too.
London is the obvious choice, as the UK capital of culture and sophistication and its citizens knowing how to act and behave, in this sort of environment.
Manchester would surely be more at home with a Greyhound Stadium, where the working classes from surrounding towns and villages would much prefer a night out.
With so much wasteland about, it could be built rather cheaply and would not be a drain on London taxpayers, who have to fund everything for those up north, with no gratitude shown in return.


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( I am assuming that this is done in humour )
Spose your from darn souf eh? oh btw we already have a geyhound stadium ... im proud to be working class : )
Surely you can't class a Super Casino as culture and sophistication.

These things will be the ruin of so many people, its unbelievable that anyone in their right mind can think that they will regenerate an area.
The super casino will be a privately funded venture so no taxpayers money will be involved. Tax is not paid or spent regionally, it all goes into the chancellors pot, and the government distributes it wherever it likes.

Apparently Manchester has aleady been chosen but Blackpool are kicking up a fuss. Strangely, a super casino is supposed to regeneration an area.

How the local populous throwing its money away will regenerate an area is beyond me. Maybe stupid rich knobs from London spending their cash in Manchester is part of New Labour's wealth distibution scheme.

I for one do not want it. Gordon Brown will be the only winner. And what is the site called in the Eastlands of Manchester where this will be built? - 'New Islington' (I think I'm going to be sick).

Uncle Joe's Mintballs are from Wigan, which for you geographically challenged southerners, is not in the City of Manchester.

I agree with Gromit that no tax payers money will be involved, indirectly, but I can just see Dole money being wasted there, and thats our money, yours and mine.

Bet the people running the casino don't differentiate.

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