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People who disagree with immigration.

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123345 | 18:22 Sat 29th Apr 2006 | News
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Is it just people who are not white and are not Christian that you are against coming into the country or is it any foreigners that you do not want in Britain.


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The vast majority of the UK are not against legal immigration into the UK in anyway, and i personally feel it to be a boost to our economy and society. However many in the UK are upset about the levels of illegal immigrants in the country and the discussion regarding immigration in general does sometimes become confused by people not differentiating between the two distinctly different groups of people.
I can't add anymore to undecovers post, that is excatly how I feel, this country has been built on immigration, so legal, immaterial of race, colour or creed, yes, illegal, no.

I'm going to disagree with most people I imagine as I don' t mind immigrants legal or illegal or what creed or colour they are, or indeed religion.What I mind are people who are less than they should be, whether they are originally native to this land, newly arrived or whatever. I don't like narrow, judgemental attitudes or people who think the world owes them a living. Quite honestly I'd prefer a hardworking illegal immigrant who just wants to make things better for his family any day of the week over some "home grown" whiner who believes his life is oh so bad and blames the same hardworking man because he can't be bothered to get off his arse and do something about his pitiful lot.

I know this opinion is going to upset nearly everyone as it's trendy at the moment to think the sky will fall because of illegal immigration and we have Nationalists stirring things for their own benefit. We are, as lonnie said , a nation built upon centuries of immigration, we need to utilise this to boost the economy not wreck it as we seem hell bent on doing.I am also confused that people automatically assume that illegal immigrants are bad people, they just want to live for God's sakes, because they can't get here legally doesn't mean that they are bad people, spongers, lazy or whatever other stereotype you might suppose.It begs the question how many people would prefer to live next door to an otherwise respectable and law abiding illegal immigrant or some Chav king yob that's perfectly entitled to be here. People's status does not describe the people they are.We need to remember that.

noxlumos I totally agree with you, those are exactly my sentiments. I am so fed up with the mindless drivel spouted by so many people I know who only seem to read tabloid headlines and base all their opinions on them without finding out the true facts and figures of the immigration situation. We need immigrants and the vast majority are decent hardworking people who need to make a living.It seems the fear of foreigners is still too prevalent amongst some of the population.

A few years ago, I worked in a plastics factory for a short while. Many of my colleagues were asylum seekers.

While working there, I met a bloke who had extremely right-wing views. He didn't have a job because he reckoned all the jobs were going to black people. Later on he reckoned he didn't work cos he didn't want to pay taxes to support asylum seeking scroungers.

Now it has to be said the asylum seekers scraping a living in the plastics factory were paying basic rate tax, and ipso facto were paying the right wing chappie's benefits.

Who do think I would prefer to see in this country?

Noxlumos said exactly what I was about to say. It annoys me when people complain about emmigrants, tarring them all with the same brush.

I would much rather have a hardworking law abiding immigrant from anywhere than any of our own homegrown sponging lowlife crim types.


I think we should adopt the attitude of other countries (like USA) whereby you can only be allowed to come to the UK to fill a job that you are qualified to fill and have the means to live.

I am very anti immigration when a person (irrespective of colour) comes here, is fed and clothed and housed on the taxpayers money and effectively stops an unemployed British person from gaining employment. I am also against the immigrants who come and promptly complain that our Countries laws must be changed because it offends their ethics, nationality or religion.

If an immigrant is qualified to do a job (like the NHS employment) then I see nothing wrong with them being here.

noxlumos you hit the nail on the head.

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People who disagree with immigration.

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