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BBC website and Prescott coverage

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Dom Tuk | 09:49 Sat 29th Apr 2006 | News
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BBC news and its website have very little or no information about the Prescott affair. Does it not think that the deputy PM disclosing state secrets to his floozie is a matter concerning its license fee payers?


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Are you talking fact here or presumption?

wasn't she his secretary? Don't secretaries usually have access to their bosses' business? Is this news?

'Little or no information' - weasel words; talking about 'no information' is no more than a smear and unworthy, DT. Enter Prescott in the BBC's search engine and you'll get information.

All he did was have a Fling. Are you perfect ?
This is hardly news!

Middle age man has affair!

"Those without sin cast the first stone"
Apparently, his 'diary' secretary is about to spill the beans to Max Clifford - you can read all about it then!


The bigger story is the prisons and the NHS. Jonny's dalliances are a trifling matter which is of no national importance, no matter how much you may or may not despise the Labour government.

There's no BBC bias.

a) How do we know whether or not he disclosed any "state secrets"?

b) As jno<./b> alludes to, if she was his secretary, wouldn't she know most of them already?

c) Isn't there more important news around? If you want to stick your knife in to a couple of cabinet ministers, I'd have thought both Charles Clarke and Patricia Hewitt were way ahead of Prescott in the queue.
Whoops. Bu99ered up me HTML. I blame Tony Blair.
Helps when daughter-in-law works for BBC political team and son is friendly with BBC executives having been a senior BBC journalist.

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BBC website and Prescott coverage

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