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The boy David.

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casaespana | 02:18 Mon 10th Apr 2006 | News
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Is David Cameron the man to lead Britain into the future? I certainly think he is. He has already dismissed the Liberal Democrats as fruitcake loonies and rightly so with their little Englander mentality. Armed with a degree from a Polytechnic he will know all about the workings of industry and we will once again be building trains, boats and planes. His father was an eminent doctor, so the NHS will be safe in his hands, just like the whole of the country, of that I'm sure. Roll on the next election.


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Casaespana - Cameron was talking about the UK Independence Party, whom he dismissed as 'fruitcakes, loonies and racists'.

He comes across as a genuinely nice guy who seems to want to drag the Tories further into the centre ground...however, I personally could never vote for the party. I know what their right wing is like - quite a lot like the UKIP actually.

Hang on - I've just re-read your're being sarcastic, aren't you?

Sorry - it's very early and I haven't got my 'thinking head' on.

It's gone remarkably quiet about the return of national service since he won the leadership contest hasn't it?

Still I'm sure it'll return to take centre-stage in his fortcoming manifesto!

:c)'s far too early in the day for taking the p*ss.
Little David got himself elected and now all he has to do is build a new party around himself. Whatever he is he ain't no Tory, while at the same time Tony and Gordon don't have a clue about very much at all, and poor old Ming has enough to worry about with a dead swan to keep him occupied til after the Scottish Council elections next year.
What do you think the next General Election will bring about? An application to join the US of A maybe? At least that might keep the Euro-sceptics happy.
The ONLY good tory is a lavatory or dead tory - take your pick
Evelyn Waugh used to complain that the Conservative party hadn't succeeded in putting the clock back a single minute; I fear this is even more true now.
It seems most people are so fed up of Balir, they'll vote for just about anyone. So Cameron will do.

If Blair isn't true Labour & Cameron isn't true Tory ~ what are they?

Are the Lib Dems the only mainstream party not to have really changed?

Enquiring minds wanna know...

There isn't one politician I would trust,they all without exception tell the public what they think we want to hear,but once in power it changes,the listening stops and they all grab whatever they can, ******* every single one of them !!!

He kept very quiet about his political ambitions when he won Big Brother a couple of years back didn' t he?
I was just saying to Tony Blair the other day that politics is just a popularity contest and Cameron has proven he is a hit with the public once so i'll be texting my vote in at the next election.
Is Dermot replacing Peter Snow on Election Night Special now he has retired?
I see Cameron cycles to work every day so he should have no problem with the 'pedalo for 24 hours' task.
I blame Michael Howard!

The show must go on.....(:)


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The boy David.

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