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New Prime Minister

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casaespana | 01:34 Thu 16th Feb 2006 | News
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All this talk about Gordon Brown becoming the next Prime Minister is ridiculous. I know he is Ian Blairs best friend but what right does he have to appoint him over our heads. Gordon comes from a small town called Raith, is that near Edinburgh? I doubt if he could handle meeting all those famous people. The Queen has refused to intervene as Gordons Great Grandfather was none other than John Brown, Consort to Queen Victoria, so I can see why Her Majesty is not getting involved. Whatever can we do about it?


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I'm with you on this one.

1 - He probably supports Raith Rovers.(although Raith is a lovely little fishing village - bit interbred tho)

2-John Brown was hardly known for his fidelity so it might be in his jeans oops sorry genes.

3-Can you trust a man who the people who inhabit middle England cant understand after all they are the backbone of the UK

All in all you have raised very salient points and I shall now take a step back and ponder.You have given me food for thought.

P.S Heard they were more than pals -know what I mean:)

Do nothing about anything. He's just the heir apparent that's all. Relax a lot can happen in a short time and I'm not sure what you are getting at exactly in a lot of your post as there are processes to be gone through before anything can happen.
Nox - who are you not getting in a lot of the posts me or casa?
Hiya Drisgirl, Casa, I was typing before you posted yours, didn't see you until after :)
Blair has not "appointed" Brown as the next PM; he has merely expressed a desire that he ius the best candidate. When Blair retires as PM, it is very likely that there will be a contested election for the leadership of the Labour Party, with candidates other than Brown, and Labour Party members will be able to vote on who they want as PM. When the new party leader is elected, Blair will go and suggest to the Queen that he/she should be appointed as the next PM.

Incidentally, Brown is not "Blair's best friend". In reality they fell out with each other years ago and they hate each other. But they both recognise that working together politically (and pretending to lie each other) is mutually beneficial.
Oops - "pretending to like each other"
Stop taking any notice of the papers. I'll stick my neck out here and say that Brown will not be the next PM. When Blair goes there'll be an almight rush as all the reds get out from under the bed and put there man in. Then they will attempt socialism again for as long as they can till Cameron kicks their asses out.
Miraculously I agree with Bernado's initial post.

Sorry if this seems a bit picky, but could you clarify a point in your question? You say 'Ian Bair', did you really mean Tony, or does Gordon have some special relationship with Sir Ian Blair, our soon to be (hopefully) removed from office police commissioner?

Surely it's a little outrageous to suggest, just because he's Scottish that he might be an inbred, untrustworthy, philanderer of questionable sexual orientation Dris?

I'm sure we, of middle England, do not share your prejudices, and will (briefly) let him have a turn in 'the big chair'.

Casa - I will say you dont half reel them in.Keep up the good work and perhaps you can tell me the type of bait you use:)
Personally I don't see a problem with Gordon Brown being Prime Minister, because Tony Blair is a wallybrain dork, always has been, always will be! He's Scottish, so what? It's obviously a problem to a lot of people on here, why? Would you rather see a towelhead who can't speak english go in? It is true though that no-one voted for him and it should go to poll, its only fair. One thing though I hope Two Jags Prescott doesn't end up as PM, because he's an even bigger ****** than Tony Blair!
Question Author
Drisgirl, judging by the reaction, your bait is as good as mine. Surprisingly no one has questioned the relationship between Gordon and his "Great Grandfather", so it must be true.
Casa - I find it refreshing when people like yourself post thought provoking questions.Might even have a wander round Raith at the weekend and get a fish supper:)
Question Author

Drisgirl. Enjoy your fish supper. Hope you won't be singing and dancing on the streets of Raith on Saturday night!

Where have I heard that before?

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Gordon Brown actually lives in Inverkeithing which is about five miles away from Dunfermline and is a town in its own right. As I live in Dumfy, I should know.
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Hut hum...what is wrong with supporting Raith Rovers?

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