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An amusing news item

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Grunty | 11:42 Mon 23rd Jan 2006 | News
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After the unpleasant news from some areas this week, I regret to say that this one made me laugh, although the UK press don't seem to have made much of it.

The chairman of Qantas, Margaret Jackson was stopped whilst entering the US. She was asked why she had aircraft plans in her briefcase and told the person who she was. She was then treated as a terrorist on the grounds that a woman couldn't be the head of an airline.



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She must have flown to Des Moines, Iowa.
Stories like this make you wonder who the 'enemy' is?
It shows the US up for the cultural, intellectual and political backwater it is. Do we want to continue our 'special relationship' with a country that treats foreigners , its own minorites and (in this case) women with such contempt?
In terms of proggresive thinking the US makes Iran look like Sweden!
great story, do you have a link to it? I've not seen it anywhere
Oh that's brilliant, you've just nearly sent my wife into labour she's laughing so much. Although in the UK we're a bit dippy at times, only the US could have humiliated themselves so glaringly and so publicly.

After 9/11 the Presidential quote was: "If these terroristic acts change the way of life for Americans, by being over-diligent in flagging its citizens and visitors � then the terrorists have won."

The usual Yank double standards.......they'll be threatening to nuke Iran next because they may just possibly use chlorine in their swimming pools and it could be converted into a weapon of mass destruction which could be used to wipe Israel off the map. Oh, sorry....they've got oil too haven't they?

Never mind....our Tony will keep George W under control.....after all we're the good guys aren't we?

A news item that amused me appeared in our local paper this week. It seems that a couple of youngsters adopted a stray kitten and after two or three days in their home it disappeared up the chimney where it stayed for five days. On the fifth day, in alarm, the parents called our local Newlyn Fire Brigade and several men in full kit and a tender arrived. They were unable to coax it down. Finally they activated their turntable ladder and one fireman ascended onto the roof, then climbed up further and removed a chimney pot cowl. He then put his face down the chimney pot and barked like a dog. After a couple of minutes the kitten was unable to stand this and slithered out of the way down the chimney and was caught by another fireman !!!!
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jno - I had it from CNN. The link doesn't seem to work any more, but I give it in case it does for you. I thank zen for the excellent dvorak site, which I didn't know about.,10117,17789670-2,00.html

At the same time, I had the story of the pregnant woman who was driving alone in a lane reserved for multi-occupant cars. The US courts have now decided that the foetus does not count as an extra passenger.

Thanks for those stories, Grunty, and Zen for the link, brightened my day up immensely
good read thanks Zen
I shall NEVER fly Quantos again. Whatever nex?. A woman's place is in the home, safe in the knowledge of bringing up kids and ironing.
But surely if a woman can't be in charge of an airline, then a woman can't be a terrorist either?
Question Author

ward-minter - I was told at a party a few nights ago that the reason women have smaller feet is so they can stand closer to the sink.

girls - I don't really believe it.

yes, I laughed, but through gritted teeth.
you seem very sexist grunty and indeed selfish. Get her a dishwasher, then she can do more cooking.
Ward-Minter, it was the airport security staff that were responsible for this, not Qantas.

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An amusing news item

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