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How would you vote in a General Election tomorrow?

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Steb | 23:14 Thu 12th Jan 2006 | News
11 Answers

Just wondering, 'cos a lot has happened since the general election last year.

How would you vote if there was a General Election tomorrow?

How did you vote last time?

If you've changed your mind, what made you?



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I was brought up Labour, but have voted Tory in all but one General Election since 1979, and that one was the one that got Tony Blair in, regretted it ever since, but as for now, I wouldn't vote either Labour or Lib/Dem, but as for David Cameron, the jury's still out, at present, he's changing his mind too much, and he appears too much like Tony Blair, but we'll have to wait and see.

I agree,Lonnie. I have voted Conservative since I was first allowed to vote. I seriously thought Michael Howard might have been the man to replace Fuhrer Blair,but his election campaign was negative. Tony Blair only got voted in last year because there was no opposition. However,I am still giving David Cameron the benefit of the doubt,but he must depart from being like Tony Blair. We DON'T want another Tony Blair,we want someone to grab the throat of all that is wrong with the country and shake it - is David Cameron the person?

Ta Ta

Marky B

Bit tricky to say as the Conservatives have a very new leader who is still finding his feet and the Lib Dems don't really have a leader.

Certainly wouldn't (and never have) vote for Blair.

In my actual constituency we have a returned Labour MP who is rubbish (and I say that as I have sent him two emails and he has not replied to either) a Conservative candidate who seems a bit slimy and a Lib Dem candidate who doesn't live in the area and who decided to take two weeks holiday in the middle of the election campaign!

If someone stood as an independent, I would seriously consider them.

My parents were dyed in the wool tories. So when I turned 18 I went the other way and joined the CPGB for a while. I don't vote for any particular party all the time. I consider the local candidates and the manifestos and choose on a per election basis. I voted Labour/Blair the first time, but did not vote for him at subsequent general elections as I no longer trusted him personally and was not happy with what "new labour" were doing for the country. I would not vote Labour again unless Blair was no longer the leader, and the country started to show signs of improvement.

Labour but i think The tories will win the next election, and it's safe to predict then that on places like this there will be quotes by the bucketload saying things like ''i always voted tory but never again the quicker this lot get out the better'' and this classic moan used whoever is in government ''the country is going to the dogs'' i can never remember a time when a government of whatever the political colour have not been loathed by large sections of public opinion influenced partly by controversial political issues but also it must be said by our esteemed media who feed the public endless negative slants on every issue imaginable while populist firebrands paint the poor sods who run the country as a cross between adolph hitler and ian brady..

The new government whoever it is, have a 6 month honeymoon if they are lucky and then the brickbats start..

I think it will be a hung parliament, with the Lib Dems holding the balance.

Personally, I've always voted Labour, and when Tony got in, I was over the moon.

Now, however, I feel let down because there doesn't seem to be that much difference between Labour in power and the last Conservative governments.

Just seems like one thing after the other.

Perhaps all our politicians are simply not that good. I suspect the country is actually run quietly by the civil service, and that policians are just there to make the **** ups.

But to answer the question, I would vote Labour again, in the vain hope that they will get their act together...

Bit like someone who continually buys Rachel Stevens singles in the hope that one day, one of them won't be horrible.

I think we could with a reform of Parliament. For one thing,why do we need over 600 MPs to govern this little island,when the USA have only 100 Senators to represent such a large nation.

Also,I think,like the US President,a Prime Minister should only serve two terms,as Blair - like Margaret Thatcher before him - have weakened as they clung on to power and became lame ducks.

Ta Ta

Marky B

For the last two general elections I have voted for myself, and I would do so again.
I was brought up in a staunch Labour area which was part of a Conservative-held constituency....the sitting MP was a much-admired genleman by all sides. I tended to be middle-of-the-road and supported the Lib-Dems until they showed recently just how un-liberal and un-democratic they can be. Possibly they had reached the point where they could no longer cover for their leader's illness but I still have a bad feeling over the situation and wish it could have been handled better.
At the moment I'm dissillusioned and can't see me voting at all for a while.
Good point about two term limits.

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