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Tracey Emin

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hellywelly4 | 19:04 Sat 15th Jun 2024 | News
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Tracey Emin has been made a dame. I just don't know what to say.  Anyone else have an opinion? 



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I do have an opinion - quite a poor one.

I've heard of her but never seen any of her work. Someone was obviously very impressed.

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I thought  'The Emperor's New Clothes' but didn't want to seem nasty!!

Hopefully once Starmer gets in all this nonsense will be abolished.Awards only to our war heroes.No more HOL,just some kind of senate.The Royal Family fine,just slimmed down.Sorted by Miffy.

She's an iconic Brit, a prominent cancer survivor, and she's raised a lot for charity ...

A bit ridiculous really, but I think most of these awards are. 
She was well-paid for her 'art'.

Was it for the tent, or the bed ?

A mockery mocking the gullible.

I had a chat with the gallery supervisor on a recent cruise I was on - all the sizeable cruise ships have a gallery where you can buy modern art, some really expensive.

She told me that the way to become famous these days, is to create something that no-one has done before.

That works fo Damian Hurst's and Tracey Emin's art - they have both done things not done before.

Now I honestly don't know enough about it to offer an informed opinion about what constitutes 'art', or what makes it valuable, but clearly they are both doing something right.

I prefer to think that my lack of understanding is my issue, rather than the artist's, or the consumer who pays six or seven figures for it.

Having said that, I know what I appreciate.

If I had the money to own Dali's Matamorphosis, or Swans Reflecting Elephants, or Hurst's diamond skull, I would.

david - // A mockery mocking the gullible. //

We have cross-posted, but as you can see, I don't share your view.

Just because I don't understand something doesn't mean it's not either valid or valuable, it just means I don't understand it.

Didnt a French"artist"not can his own merde and called it art.Methinks Emin is following on from him.Yeuch.

If one person falls for it, they're gullible. If a lot of people fall for it, it's a movement. Luckily it's only art, not politics ...

ynnaf - // Didnt a French"artist"not can his own merde and called it art.Methinks Emin is following on from him.Yeuch. //

I so, he was doing as I suggested he needs to, which is creating something no-one has done before.

I don't mean the subject matter, just that he offered it as art, that had not been done before I imagine.

I can take or leave her art, always thought she could do with a wash though.

I'm sure my opinion will affect her not a jot.

But its not true art Andy.True art isnt throwing a paint pot over its viewers.If thats the case,we can all do it.We all have unmade beds,what makes Emins unmade bed so special?

If Saatchi hadn't paid a million+ pound for her bed we might never have heard any more about her. 

I do like some of Emin's work. Now, what about a damehood for Beryl Cook? She's a proper artist, of the old school. 

Is it a "metropolitan elite" thing? 

Still can't get over the whole bed thing lol! 

It's your King's thing ...

"your King",ellipsis?Surely our King?

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