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This Is The Change Under Sks

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Hazi-Hammenuhoth | 20:34 Tue 28th May 2024 | News
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So, according to Starmer, not only is Rayner 'vindicated' (ie had her charges dropped!) but Diane Abbott is back in the party.  So what HAS changed?!  Whatash Itshow



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It's pitiful, and difficult to watch Starmer & Co banging on about the 'change' that has supposedly/allegedly happened to the Labour Party under the incredible leadership of Cardboard Blair Flipflop-  they have no idea whatsoever what has changed, so how should we?!  Changed my aaarse.

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Next step, welcome back Jezza, all is forgiven.  The change that has happened to the Labour party under Keir Starmer is incredible isnt it?  Same old Labour, same old lies.

Keir is repeatedly saying that the Labour Party has changed under his 'leadership'.  Well he's added a union jack I suppose.  And there was me thinking you can't polish a lemon curd.

I just read that Diane Abbott has been banned from standing as a Labour candidate. So she's not really back in the party. 

Oh dear.  And it was all going so well.

The Labour internal inquiry into Abbot's alledged [Anti semitism] was concluded in December. But they have only decided to inform of the decision (she is cleared), a day before they have to put in Labours nominated candidate fot her seat.

So Abbot stands and gets elected and Starmer get his huge majority (only joking) 😀.

And Abbot becomes a backbencher for ever, with no sniff of a cabinet post.

if I were her, I would register as an indenpendent minutes before Labour could nominate someone else, and lessen MaxHeadroom Starmer's majority.

AMm I right 😀



// party officials had tried to broker a deal by which she would not run again in return for the whip being restored - but it is not known if she has accepted such an arrangement. //

Why the f***k would she accept that ? I hope she tells MaxHeadroom to go take a running jump.

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This Is The Change Under Sks

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