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Over 100 Dead And 700 Injured

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Untitled | 07:56 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | News
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israel is reported to have opened fire on a crowd of palestinians trying to get food resulting in hundreds of injuries and deaths 

the IDF initially claimed that all the deaths were due to a stampede but has since changed their story to say that they used tanks to fire "warning shots" after videos on social media appear to show israeli tanks targeting the crowd... 

eyewitnesses say that the IDF simply fired on them 

why do reports like this seem to follow the IDF whereever it goes? why doesn't the west do anything about it?



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the shortages of food in gaza were also caused by israel which has denied entry to most aid into the strip while allowing their soldiers to plunder food from the deserted houses and eat as much as they like

Question Author

Emmanuel Macron issued a statement yesterday: 

"Deep indignation at the images coming from Gaza where civilians have been targeted by Israeli soldiers.

I express my strongest condemnation of these shootings and call for truth, justice, and respect for international law."

but will anything happen?

//eyewitnesses say that the IDF simply fired on them //


This, according to your link, is from an eyewitness.


//A Palestinian witness, speaking to the BBC, described panic in the crowd and among the drivers, who tried to move forward. Most of those who died were run over, the witness added.//


As yet it appears unclear.  It's not reasonable to simply take the word of terrorists.


What do you want the west to do about it?



Question Author

i would like the west to compel israel to accept a ceasefire on pain of losing military aid. 

israel is the reason for the extreme food shortages in gaza naomi and the second witness adds that the drivers were moving after the gunfire started (indeed it is easy to see why that would cause them to panic) 

israel is responsible for this. that is why their story has changed in the hours since this happened... they are spinning.

If they are spinning they are not alone.

Question Author

several eyewitnesses speak here in this report by c4 news... all of them say that israel opened fire on them... 


Perhaps they didn't ask people like the Palestinian witness who commented in your link.

Question Author

and what do you think that proves naomi? she said most of the victims were run over... and why were they run over? why did the trucks suddenly decide to flee? why are gazans so desperate for food that they are crowding around aid trucks? 

israel is responsible for this.

Taking everything that Hamas and its supporters say as gospel, as you appear to, isn't wise.  They are terrorists and without their unforgiveable actions on 7 October this wouldn't be happening at all.  I don't know what sort of people hold young children hostage but they do.  They still have a baby and a four year old. Furthermore, the last time Israel agreed to a ceasefire Hamas violated it so please .... stop with the handwringing.

'The Israel Defense Forces said the casualties were the result of "a violent gathering of Gazan residents" around aid trucks, during which it said dozens of people were "injured as a result of being crushed and trampled." 

An IDF official said later that after the chaos, at a nearby crossing point between north and south Gaza, Israeli forces first fired warning shots and then opened fire on civilians who rushed toward aid trucks and an IDF tank with forces helping to secure the aid convoy. The official said IDF forces had "fired at those who posed a threat," and stressed that the incident remained under review.

The head of one hospital in the decimated Palestinian territory said at least 10 bodies were brought in from the scene, along with dozens of wounded.'

Question Author

are you saying that the people injured and killed in this are all terrorists? the eyewitnesses that spoke to C4 and said that israel opened fire on them, all terrorists too apparently? what evidence do you have for this assertion?

what about the IDF which now admits that it opened fire having denied it earlier? are they all hamas too?

Question Author

perhaps the lorry drivers were all hamas too. what a grotesque and evil way to make apologies for genocide.

If I'd said that you would see it written in my posts, untitled.  But you haven't.  What an absolute load of nonsense.  You've grabbed that out of thin air - or more likely desperation.

Didn't notice anyone saying that they were all terrorists but some may have been.  Yes there does need to be some sort of ceasefire that both parties will stick to unlike the last one that Hamas broke.  Hamas does hide in with the population of Gaza and it's often hard to tell one from the other as not all of them wear uniforms unlike the IDF who all wear them.  Most of Hamas started off as ordinary Gazans and have been radicalised by them.  

The drivers were probably scared for their lives so were trying to get out of there before they too were killed.

Question Author

"Taking everything that Hamas and its supporters say as gospel, as you appear to, isn't wise.  "

and where exactly have i done this?

Amongst other places - here.  

Question Author

well that's strange naomi because i have mostly talked about eyewitnesses and yet you deny calling those people terrorists 🤔 i think we are already in the naomi funhouse 

untitled, I talked about an eye witness too - the one you provided in your link.  If you want to discuss this do it like a grown up and stop with the personal insults.  That is the last refuge of a failing argument - and it shows.

Question Author

ok. let's retrace our steps... re: the woman in my link... if you can resist the urge to mention terrorists then we wom't get sidetracked again...

and what do you think that proves naomi? she said most of the victims were run over... and why were they run over? why did the trucks suddenly decide to flee? why are gazans so desperate for food that they are crowding around aid trucks? 

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Over 100 Dead And 700 Injured

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