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A Cat With A Cunning Plan

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wolf63 | 05:44 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | News
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A nice and cheerful story to ease you gently into Sunday.

Have a good day.  I'm off for a snooze😁



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It's now nearly the end of Sunday.

I bet Tula is now googling where the nearest McDonalds is.😀

From the other story. // their feline came home with a whole cooked chicken in his mouth//

What kind of feline would that be, a tiger perhaps?😅

What lengths a cat will go to for a free meal - my late Lil cat used to go down and join in the farm cats' meals ðŸ˜º

The comments below the article from other cat owners are hilarious. 

Pasta, did you see the comment from ladychester? That's me.

pasta goes to re-check comments...brb

Lol...that one really had me laughing Barsel 😉🤣

Question Author

Ladies, the comments are brilliant.

The internet was made for cats.😁

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A Cat With A Cunning Plan

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